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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Paintbrush
  • Distortion
  • BubbleMorph
  • Duotone
  • Reveal
  • Panorama
  • Before / After
  • FilmStrip
  • Slicey
  • Countdown
  • Polyfold
  • Particles
  • Parallax / 3D
  • Typewriter
  • Whiteboard
  • Slider Revolution jQuery 5.3+ Documentation
  • API Methods and Events
  • Navigation Styles
  • Navigation Syntax
  • Layer Styles & Google Fonts
  • Actions
  • Static Layers
  • Rows & Columns
  • Layer Groups
  • Layer Content
  • Basic Layer Content Markup
  • Parallax / 3D
  • Ken Burns Effect
  • Image Filters & Blend Modes
  • Background Image & Video
  • Links
  • Layer Transitions
  • Slide Transitions
  • Responsive Setup
  • Preloader & Lazy Loading
  • Additional JavaScript Settings
  • Carousels
  • Slider Layout
  • Setting up your Slider Timeline
  • Anatomy of a Basic Slider
  • Basic Template Setup
  • Download Source Folder Overview

rev-jquery Slider Revolution jQuery Documentation Basic Setup
Download Source Overview
What to look for when you unzip your download file
Slider Template Setup
What files to copy/move when working with a template
Slider Markup Overview
All the needed parts included in a basic slider setup
Slider Timeline & Progress Bar
Control when your slides change & content is shown
Core Settings
Slider Layout
Layout options & settings including fullwidth & fullscreen
Slider Carousels
Convert any slider into a traditional carousel of items
Slider Settings
JavaScript settings including autoplay & mobile visibility
Slider Preloader
Six prebuilt spinners for when your slider is loading
Responsive Setup
Responsive Overview
All responsive options for setting up the perfect slider
Responsive Levels
Built-in media queries for enhanced responsiveness
Layer Visibility
Show/hide content for any given responsive level
Layer Settings
Custom size and positioning for each responsive level
Animations and Links
Slide Transitions
70+ animations for when your slides change
Layer Transitions
32 prebuilt code snippets for your Layer animations
Link a Slide
Add a hyperlink to any given slide
Link a Layer
Add a hyperlink to a Slide Layer
Slide Main Backgrounds
Background Images
Add background images to your slides
YouTube Background Video
Markup and options for YouTube videos
Vimeo Background Video
Markup and options for Vimeo videos
HTML5 Video Background
Markup and options for locally hosted video
Solid Color Background
No image or video, just a basic solid color
Transparent Slides
No background, just completely transparent
Main Background Options
Background Animations
Add transitions to your background images
Add a Slide Link
Hyperlink an entire slide
Lazy Loading
On-demand image loading for your sliders
Image Filters
Instagram-type filters for your background images
Ken Burns Effect
Zoom/pan your slider’s background images
Parallax & 3D
Special effects for your slide backgrounds
Slide Layers
Basic Layer Setup
The core elements of a Slide Layer
Text Layers
Add some text to your slides
Image Layers
Images added on top of the Slide
YouTube Video Layer
Markup and options for YouTube videos
Vimeo Video
Markup and options for Vimeo videos
HTML5 Video
Markup and options for locally hosted video
Audio Layers
Markup and options for locally hosted audio
Layer Groups
Animate and position multiple Layers together
Rows & Columns
Symmetrical grid layouts for perfectly spaced content
Layer Options
Responsive Layers
Built-in media queries for enhanced responsiveness
Static Layers
Setup Layers to always be shown on top of all other slides
Layer Styles
Custom class styles for your text layers
Layer Animations
Animate your Layers with 32 prebuilt code snippets
Layer Links
Hyperlink one of your Slide’s Layers
Layer Actions
Add user-interactivity to buttons and more
Blend Modes
Add CSS3 mix-blend-modes to your Layers
Parallax & 3D
Add life to your Layers with these special effects
Simple Shapes
A basic element with a size and background color
Slider Navigation
Navigation Syntax
Add navigation to your slider’s main settings
Navigation Styles
Browse through the 35+ prebuilt navigation options
Custom Navigation
Setup Layers to navigate between slides when clicked
Video Options
Background Video
YouTube, Vimeo or HTML5 Video as the slide’s main background
Video Layers
YouTube, Vimeo or HTML Video as a regular content Layer
What’s the Difference?
Important mobile considerations for your videos
Add-Ons and Special Features
Draw your text with a hand graphic to bring life to your presentations
Enhance your slider’s text with typewriter effects
Parallax & 3D
Special effects for your slide backgrounds & layers
Filters & Blend Modes
Enhanced visual effects for your background images and Layers
Visual Editor
No code editing. Just pure slider building awesomeness
Level-up visuals with animated particle effects
Add sharp edges to your sliders as the scroll into view
Add a custom countdown timer for your coming soon pages
An enhanced Ken Burns effect that creates stunning 3D visuals
Display a reel of images as your slide’s main background
Show interactive before/after content of your work
Display 360° panoramic views of your images
Reveal your sliders in style with custom effects
Add duotone filters your slide’s main background images
Lava-Lamp type shapes for your sliders
Add liquid-morph effects to your slide’s main images
Paint your Slider background images with user interaction
Actions, API and more
Scroll Below Slider
Add user-interactivity to scroll beneath the fold
Stop Slider out Viewport
Load your slider when it’s scrolled into view
Control other Layers
Add user-interactivity to show/hide certain content
Play/Pause Video
Add user-interactivity for video to any given Layer
API Methods/Events
Additional options for developers