Basic Template Setup


1. Initial Setup

1.1 Create a new folder
1.2 Copy the "revolution" and "assets" folders over to your new folder
1.3 Copy the HTML template file you'd like to work with into your new folder
1.4 Open the HTML template file in your favorite text editor, and do a global search and replace to adjust the CSS, JavaScript & Image paths
Replace the two trailing paths for all urls, turning this local path for the "src" attribute:

Into this, for all urls:

Example search and replace using Notepad++
1.5 Open the template HTML file in your browser to preview your new setup.
  • Important Note:
    Example template files that end with ".php" will need to be tested from a live server. YouTube and Vimeo videos will also only work online due to their API restrictions.

2. Deploy Online

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When you're ready to upload your website online, or move your setup to a localhost, comment out or remove the extension scripts, where this:
.. is changed to this: