Review the Basic Template Setup for information about how to setup a custom production environment.
To get started with the Duotone Add-On, first add the "revolutions-addons" folder into your production site:
Next, add the Duotone stylesheet and script. The script should placed below all other scripts on the page.

Next, assign a variable to your slider's main settings script as shown in the following example.

Then initialize the Panorama Addon directly after the slider settings (shown above)

Next, add the "data-duotone" attribute to your slides
  • data-filter"blue" "blue-dark" "blue-light" "orange" "orange-dark" "orange-light" "red" "red-dark" "red-light" "green" "green-dark" "green-light" "yellow" "yellow-dark" "yellow-light" "purple" "purple-dark" "purple-light" "pink" "pink-dark" "pink-dark" "pink-light" "blue-yellow" "blue-yellow-dark" "blue-yellow-light" "pink-yellow" "pink-yellow-dark" "pink-yellow-light" "red-blue" "red-blue-dark" "red-blue-light"