Review the Basic Template Setup for information about how to setup a custom production environment.
To get started with the FilmStrip Add-On, first add the "revolutions-addons" folder into your production site:
Next, add the FilmStrip stylesheet and script. The script should placed below all other scripts on the page.

Next, assign a variable to your slider's main settings script as shown in the following example.

Then initialize the FilmStrip Addon:

Next, setup your Slides with your FilmStrip settings and images:
  • direction"right-to-left" "left-to-right" "top-to-bottom" "bottom-to-top"
    The direction the strip should move in
  • filterOptional image filter that can be applied. Enter the "data-mediafilter" value from here if desired.
  • timesMovement speed in milliseconds for the four responsive levels
  • imgsThe url and alt tags for each image