Review the Basic Template Setup for information about how to setup a custom production environment.
To get started with the Countdown Add-On, first add the "revolutions-addons" folder into your production site:
Next, add the Countdown script. The script should placed below all other scripts on the page.

Next, assign a variable to your slider's main settings script as shown in the following example.

Then set a date to countdown to and initialize the Countdown AddOn:

Review the code comments for adjusting the “targetdate” and “slidechanges” variables to complete the countdown setup.

Finally, set up your CountDown Layers

To get started, add 4 Text Layers to your slide, each representing the "days", "hours", "minutes" and "seconds":
And then apply the following "id" attributes to each of the 4 Layers:
  1. t_days
  2. t_hours
  3. t_minutes
  4. t_seconds
Example with "t_days" applied as the Layer's id attribute, designating the Layer as the countdown's "days" widget. Repeat this for each of the 4 Layers using the id attributes above.