Additional JavaScript Settings


1. Autoplay / Randomize

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Disable Autoplay:


2. Dotted Overlay / Shadows

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Dotted Overlays:

Options are “twoxtwo”, “twoxtwowhite”, “threexthree” and “threexthreewhite”.


Choose a number between 1-6 to preview the different available shadow options.

3. Mobile Visibility / Fallbacks

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  • hideThumbsOnMobileon off
    Hide thumbnail navigation for mobile devices.
  • hideSliderAtLimitHide the entire slider below a certain screen size.
  • hideCaptionAtLimitHide specific Layers below a certain screen size.
  • hideAllCaptionAtLimitHide all Layers below a certain screensize
  • fallbacks -> simplifyAllon off
    Convert to simple animations for older iOS and IE.
  • fallbacks -> nextSlideOnWindowFocuson off
    Automatically change to the next slide when the user returns after switches tabs/windows.
  • fallbacks -> disableFocusListeneron off
    Disable the window/tab change event listener.

Replace the entire Slider with a simple Image for mobile or IE8
  • data-aimgThe url of the alternative image to be displayed instead of the slider.
  • data-amobileUse the alternative image on mobile devices.
  • data-aie8Use the alternative image when IE8 is detected.

4. Stop Slider out of Viewport

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Options that can be used to pause/resume the slider when the slider is scrolled into and out of view on a web page.  And also useful for only starting the slider once its been scrolled into view (for sliders that exist “below the fold”).

  • viewport -> enabletrue false
    Enables the Viewport options.
  • viewport -> outofwait pause
    Enter "wait" to start the slider when its scrolled into view, and "pause" to pause/resume the slider when its scrolled into and out of view.
  • viewport -> visible_areaStart/Pause/Resume the slider when it is scrolled out of view by a certain percentage.
  • viewport -> presizetrue false
    Calculate the slider's size ahead of time (used in combination with "viewport -> outof -> wait").