Slider Revolution jQuery 5.3+ Documentation

Basic Setup

Core Settings

Responsive Setup

Animations and Links

Slide Main Backgrounds

Main Background Options

Slide Layers

Layer Options

Add-Ons and Special Features

  • Whiteboard
    Draw your text with a hand graphic to bring life to your presentations
  • Typewriter
    Enhance your slider’s text with typewriter effects
  • Parallax & 3D
    Special effects for your slide backgrounds & layers
  • Filters & Blend Modes
    Enhanced visual effects for your background images and Layers
  • Visual Editor
    No code editing.  Just pure slider building awesomeness
  • Particles
    Level-up visuals with animated particle effects
  • Polyfold
    Add sharp edges to your sliders as the scroll into view
  • Countdown
    Add a custom countdown timer for your coming soon pages
  • Slicey
    An enhanced Ken Burns effect that creates stunning 3D visuals
  • FilmStrip
    Display a reel of images as your slide’s main background
  • Before/After
    Show interactive before/after content of your work
  • Panorama
    Display 360° panoramic views of your images
  • Reveal
    Reveal your sliders in style with custom effects
  • Duotone
    Add duotone filters your slide’s main background images
  • BubbleMorph
    Lava-Lamp type shapes for your sliders
  • Distortion
    Add liquid-morph effects to your slide’s main images
  • Paintbrush
    Paint your Slider background images with user interaction

Actions, API and more