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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Slider Revolution ChangeLog
  • WordPress 5.5 Important Update Information
  • Patch for OVH Hostings Connection Issues
  • Instagram Stream Setup Instructions with Access Token
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Progress Bar Slots Example
  • How to Justify Texts in Text Layers
  • Slider Modal with Contact Form 7 Fix
  • Slider Revolution Multisite Installation, Activation and Updates
  • Create a Featured Posts Slider
  • Updating Slider Revolution from v5 to v6
  • Adjust Page Styles based on Current Slide
  • How to include Image Alt Tag Attribute
  • 500 Internal Server Error when importing templates
  • Add a Contact Form 7
  • Selectable Text Layer
  • GDPR – Privacy Policy
  • Scroll below slider when the last slide is shown
  • File Size Optimizer
  • Change Price Currency for Crypto Currency Template
  • Adding New Crypto Currency for Crypto Currency Template
  • Working with the Crypto Currency Template
  • WooCommerce
  • Color Skin
  • Licensing information for staging sites and localhost
  • Wistia Video Example
  • Navigate to new page at last slide or after set number of loops
  • Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)
  • Google Analytics Event Tracking for Slider Revolution
  • Facebook Stream Setup Instructions with Access Token
  • Domain Switch AddOn
  • Change Date for Coming Soon Template
  • How to Qualify for ThemePunch Support
  • How to Replace Theme Bundled Version with Premium Version
  • Licensing Information
  • How to add Custom Post Meta to your Post-Based Sliders
  • Unable to edit more than 10 Slides
  • Plugin Dashboard Issue with Siteground Hosting
  • How to Fix Destination folder already exists Installation Issue
  • Why isn’t support included with my bundled version?
  • How to Test for Conflicts
  • How to update to 6.0+ via FTP
  • How to include Login Credentials for your Support Ticket
  • Developer Guide: Get all Slider Alias
  • Developer Guide: Output Class & Tag Changes
  • Slider Revolution 6.0 Developer Resources
  • Slider Revolution 6.0 Update Troubleshooting
  • Backups AddOn
  • Re(load) AddOn
  • WPML Setup
  • Spinner
  • On Scroll
  • Global Settings
  • Extended Support FAQ’s
  • My support has expired.
  • Loop Layers Timeline
  • Lightbox / Modal
  • Setup the Content Blocks template
  • How to setup MailChimp for the Newsletter Hero template
  • AddOn Guides
  • Responsive Content
  • Video Content & Mobile considerations
  • Use your own Fonts
  • How to change the Timing of Slides
  • Advanced Text-Shadows
  • Mouse Hovers for Layer Content
  • Looping Animations
  • Purchase Code not Working
  • Custom CSS & JavaScript
  • Reuse Purchase Code on New Site
  • How to Update the Plugin
  • Change the z-index/stacking order of your Layers
  • Select Layers to Edit their Settings
  • Find and Edit "Hidden" Content from Imported Templates
  • Navigation Options not Available
  • Scroll Below the Fold Button
  • Display different images on different screen sizes
  • Incorrect Size or Position
  • Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias not found.
  • Add Links to Slides and Layers
  • Prevent Layers from Disappearing
  • Full Width Text
  • Global Layers
  • Turn Autoplay On and Off for your Sliders
  • Adjust Text-Align for Layers
  • How to add a semi-transparent overlay
  • Ideal Image Size
  • After updating – Make sure to clear all caches
  • Purchase Code Registration FAQ's
  • System Requirements
  • Social Sharing AddOn
  • 404 Not Found AddOn
  • Login Page AddOn
  • Coming Soon / Maintenance AddOn
  • Post Featured Slider AddOn
  • Adjacent Posts AddOn
  • Related Posts AddOn
  • WordPress Gallery AddOn
  • Paintbrush AddOn
  • Exploding Layers AddOn
  • Distortion AddOn
  • BubbleMorph AddOn
  • Weather AddOn
  • Before/After AddOn
  • Slicey AddOn
  • Filmstrip AddOn
  • Panorama AddOn
  • Reveal AddOn
  • Duotone Filters AddOn
  • Polyfold Scroll AddOn
  • Particles AddOn
  • Holiday Snow AddOn
  • Typewriter AddOn
  • Whiteboard AddOn
  • Post-based Sliders
  • Size & Position
  • Rows & Columns
  • Layer Groups
  • Export Modules
  • Fullscreen Actions
  • Media Actions
  • Layer Actions
  • Where to find the Purchase Code
  • Slide Actions
  • Actions Panel Overview
  • Link Actions
  • Help & Support
  • Layer Attributes
  • Layer Animations
  • Mouse Hover Settings
  • Responsive Settings
  • Font, Colors & Styling
  • Responsive Setup
  • Layer Video/Audio Settings
  • Meta-based Content
  • Toggle Content
  • Layer Content
  • Carousel Settings
  • Pan/Zoom Effect
  • Slide Parameters
  • Tags & Link
  • Slide Publish Rules
  • Slide Progress
  • Slide Filters
  • Slide Animation
  • Slide Thumbnails
  • Slide Background
  • Add Module to Web Page
  • Navigation Editor
  • Keyboard Arrows/Mouse Wheel
  • Touch Swipe
  • Navigation Thumbnails
  • Navigation Tabs
  • Navigation Bullets
  • Navigation Arrows
  • Progress Bar
  • Slide Management
  • Timeline Editor
  • RS Glossary
  • Install AddOns
  • Custom CSS/JavaScript
  • Advanced Module Settings
  • Enable AddOns
  • Module General Settings
  • Module Defaults
  • Module Content Source
  • Module Layout
  • Module Title/Shortcode
  • Editor Overview
  • Template Library
  • New Modules, Imports & Management
  • Install, Activate and Update
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Slider Revolution WordPress Documentation

Getting Started

The Basics

Module Setup

Content, Animation & Styling

Links & Video

Layer Actions

Positioning Layers

AddOns Basics

Frontend AddOns

  • Whiteboard
    Draw your text with a hand graphic to bring life to your presentations
  • Typewriter
    Enhance your slider’s text with typewriter effects
  • Holiday Snow
    Add festive snow to your sliders for the Holiday Season
  • Particles
    Level-up visuals with animated particle effects
  • Polyfold
    Add sharp edges to your sliders as the scroll into view
  • Duotone
    Advanced filter effects for slider images
  • Reveal
    Revealing effects for when your slider first loads
  • Panorama
    Display 3D panoramic images in your sliders
  • Filmstrip
    Display a reel of images as your slide’s main background
  • Slicey
    An enhanced Ken Burns effect that creates stunning 3D visuals
  • Before/After
    Compare two slides before and after with drag/reveal functionality
  • Weather
    Display live weather information from any part of the world
  • BubbleMorph
    Display Animated BubbleMorph Layers
  • Distortion
    Make your Website look special again.
  • Exploding Layers
    Special Effects for Layers
  • Paintbrush
    Paint your Slider Background Image
  • Social Sharing
    Share your web page and social content
  • Re(load)
    Reload current page or a custom URL

Backend AddOns

  • Slide Backups
    Creates automatic backups for your individual slides
  • WordPress Gallery
    Automatically convert your traditional WP Standard Galleries
  • Related Posts
    Add a “Related Posts” slider to your individual posts pages
  • Adjacent Posts
    Display a “Previous Post / Next Post” Slider automatically for your posts
  • Post Featured Slider
    Display a Slider Revolution in place of your post’s regular “Featured Image”
  • Coming Soon/Maintenance
    Display any Slider Revolution as your site’s coming soon or maintenance mode
  • Login Page
    Transform your login pages with Slider Revolution
  • 404 Not Found
    Display a custom slider automatically for your website’s 404 Pages
  • Domain Switch
    Switch Image URLs in sliders from one domain to another

Special Features

Advanced Options