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If you Purchased & Registered a Slider Revolution License you can comfortably upgrade version 5.x to 6.0 from your WordPress Dashboard.

Why Activate Slider Revolution?

Activating Slider Revolution with your Personal Purchas Code will unlock all available Features.

Easy Live Updates
Personal License Key
200+ Template Library
1000+ Object Library
25+ Amazing Add-Ons
1on1 Ticket Support

*Regular License from $26. One License Key required per Domain.

Slider Revolution 6.0 NOW available!

User Permissions, Script Loading and more

View the descriptions below to learn about each setting

1. Permission
Choose which WordPress User Role is allowed access to the Slider Revolution Plugin's Admin.

2. Include Libraries Globally
Load plugin scripts on all your sites pages, regardless if the page has a revslider shortcode in its content. Useful for Ajax sites that load page content dynamically.

3. List of pages to include Revslider Libraries
Optionally add a list of page/post ID's, separated by commas to include the plugin's scripts. And the word "homepage" can be included to always include the scripts on your website's home page.

4. Insert Scripts in Footer
Choose to always load the plugin's scripts in the pages footer. Useful for when other required scripts such as jQuery are also set up to load in your page's footer.

5. Defer Javascript Loading
Adds a "defer" attribute to the plugin's script tags. Useful for when the scripts should load after the page has finished parsing.

6. Use Developer Library
Load the un-miniified versions of all scripts. Useful for debugging.

7. Optional Font Loading URL
Enter a custom font url is often helpful when loading custom fonts in certain languages.

8/9/10/11. Default Viewport Content Width
Define the default CSS media query breakpoints for the plugin. For example, if the "Default Mobile Content Width" were changed to 640px, whenever the screen size is 640px or less, your Slider's Phone Area view will be shown.

12. Fix RS Table Issues
Useful for resolving special cases when plugin installation/updates have encountered an issue.

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