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Add/Edit Text, Images, Video, Buttons and Icons 


1. Add New Layers

To add text, images, video and more to your Module and its Slides, hover your mouse over the "Add Layer" menu item toward the top-left of the editor.

A Layer can be added as a "Placeholder", which is simply a Layer who's content hasn't been defined yet.

Or a Layer can be added as a "Quick Style", which allows you to choose a predefined style that can be edited further after adding it to the editing stage.

2. Edit Layer Content

To edit or set a Layer's content, select the Layer on the editing stage and then view its "Content" section

Layers can also be selected from inside the Timeline Editor

2.1 Edit Text/Buttons

1. Text Content
Write the text for your Text Layer or Button here.

2. Line Break Behavior
Decide how text should wrap/break. 

Only Manual
The text will have a "white-space: nowrap" applied and only wrap/break lines where a "<br>" tag is found. 

Width Based 
Choose this option if your Layer has a defined pixel width, set in the Layer Settings.

Content Based 
Choose this option if your Layer has an "auto" width, set in the Layer Settings.

Content & Width Based 
Text will wrap "width based" first, and then wrap "content based" if the text bleeds off the screen.

2.2 Images

To set or change an image, select Layer on the editing stage and click the "Media Library" or "Object Library" button.

2.3 Shape Layers

Shape Layers are simply elements that can have a background color but not any text content.  

2.4 Video/Audio

Enter the YouTube ID or Vimeo ID for YouTube and Vimeo videos.

For HTML5 Video or Audio, select a file from the Media/Object Library or type in the url manually.

2.5 Icons/SVGs

Click the "Icon" button to choose a new Icon for the Layer

Or delete the Layer and then add another to change an SVG Layer

3. Layer Library

Import a professionally designed element from the Layer Library

And then hover over an item to view a live preview, and select the item to add it to your Slide.

Layer Library elements are all packaged in a Layer Group, allowing you to easily re-position the Group around the editing stage. And you can also easily resize the element by dragging the arrow icon toward the bottom-right corner.

The Layers will also be grouped together in the Timeline Editor, where you can select and edit the group's individual Layers.

4. Import Layers

Layers can be imported from any other module or template that's installed.  First, select "Import Layer" from the "Add Layer" menu

Next, select the Module you wish to import a Layer from  

And then choose the Slide you wish to import the Layer from

And finally, select the Layers you wish to import from the list

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