Global Settings

The Global Settings section are where you can adjust default plugin settings.
Scroll to the bottom of the page for a detailed explanation of each option.

  1. Defer JavaScript Loading

    JavaScript files will be loaded asynchronously to maximize page loading speed. Also helps to resolve certain plugin/theme conflicts.

  2. Enable Markup Export option

    Build your sliders in a WordPress environment, and then export your sliders for usage in a non-WordPress website.

  3. Font Loading URL

    Overrides the Google Font's default url loaded. Useful for parts fo the workd where Google is blocked.
    Example Usage:

  4. Default Grid Sizes

    Define the default Grid Sizes for devices for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile

  5. Enable Notifications

    Enable/Disable ThemePunch Notifications in the Admin Notice bar.

  6. Enable Logs

    Enable console logs for debugging.

  7. Enable Missing Activation Area

    Enable the "Purchase Code Registration" section in cases where the currently installed theme has disabled this section.

  8. Enable Dev Mode

    Set environment mode to development. It displays errors in this mode.

  9. Set Logging Level

    Sets level of loggins to be logged to /application/logs.

  10. Disable Edit Slide Leave Confirmation

    Disables confirmation window when leaving Slide Editor page.

  11. Force Use of PclZip Library

    Use PclZip, instead of ZipArchive. Can help in case of problems with import and update features.

  12. Run Slider Revolution database creation

    Useful for fixing issues where database errors may have occured.