Update History

Update History Pre-Version 5.1
Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin

Version 5.0.9 StarPath (21th September 2015)

  • Added Enable/Disable FullScreen Video Button for YouTube and HTML5 Videos. Option is available due the Video Settings Panel only in Layer Video Mode.
  • Border Radius Fields can handle now also "%" based values
  • Fixed Poster View only on Mobile and Disable Video on Mobile features
  • Fixed Stop on Hover function. It will keep the Slider paused also if Next slide has been called
  • Fixed Full Slider Link Issues where next,previous,slide index and Scroll Under Links were not working well
  • Importing Templates with bigger file size will request a bigger TimeOut to avoid Import failures or will give a clear feedback for further Debugging

Version StarPath (15th September 2015)

  • Fixed Static Layers Position calculation issues.
  • Fixed Typo Failure in the Navigation Styling
  • Added a Workaround for YouTube Video API's with broken Origin attributes. (i.e. http://www.domain.com vs. http://domain.com)
  • Fixed YouTube Cover Video Loop issue
  • Fixed an issue where Disable Force FullWidth reseted to "off" after reloading the Slider Settings
  • Fixed Next Slide on Focus in FireFox where Slider skipped 1 Slide after Focusing Browser Tab again
  • Fixed Update Slider and Install Template from Server issues in some cases

Version 5.0.8 StarPath (11th September 2015)

  • FaceBook API 2.4 support
  • Added Disable Force FullWidth for FullScreen Slider, to be able to set FullScreen Slider floated horizontal
  • Changing Slide Main image change the Thumbnails straight to make the identification of Slides in Small view easier.
  • Added a new 5 sec Rule which will skip Lazy Loading and Overall Loading processes in case no Answers comes from Server, and process the Slider further
  • Added a new Warning in case SSL Certificate is old or not any more active
  • Fixed a bug where Static Images with Links in lazy Load mode was not showing up correctly
  • Fixed a bug where Layers were flashing or not visible at all in "Show Layer on Slider Hover" mode
  • Fixed an OutPut bug within css parser where in some situation an error was reported in Console log with Undefined Index
  • Fixed a Bug where Layers text coud not be edited any more if Splitted Layer animation was selected
  • Fixed Rounded Background issues on layers in FireFox and IE in some situation
  • Put the Auto Complete Window of Font Selection in the Front to Overlay the Button Font Selector
  • Fixed Some Visual issue in Static Layer Slide Selector
  • Fixed FaceBook Stream Issues due Api Changes.
  • Fixed a bug where Video Poster Images from HTTPS Pages could not be loaded well
  • Fixed a missing closing Tag in HTML5 Video elements which broke IE11
  • Fixed an issue where Mobile Sliders stucked when Video "autoplay" was enabled
  • Fixed Static Layer Position problems if Outer Left Navigation was enabled

Version 5.0.7 StarPath (5th September 2015)

  • Now First Slide can be always the same (Alternative First Slide) even if the rest order of slides are Randomzied
  • Added Requirements & Recommendations Informations to the Slider Overview page to highlight recommended server configurations
  • Lazy Loading Fixes. Due an internal failure, none of the Lazy Loading option was working. Single, Smart and Full Lazy Loading are available again.
  • Fixed a bug where HTML5 Cover Videos in IE did not really cover the slider.
  • Fixed default override not working with all available options
  • Fixed record not found issue

Version 5.0.6 StarPath (2nd September 2015)

  • Added New Layer Scale mode "Cover" and "Stretch" to be able to scale Layer images proportional also over the Layer grid or over the slide
  • Small adjustments to the Template Store
  • Fixed Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'innerHTML' of null
  • Fixed actions bug for Post Based Slider where meta like {{link}} did not work properly
  • Fixed issue with 2d rotation resulting in styles not written properly on layer
  • Fixed issue where YouTube videos could not be loaded on https origins.
  • Fixed an issue where Next/Previous Slide Links from Full Slide Link was not processing well
  • Fixed text-align always beeing left
  • Problem with Layer Name Editing fixed

Version 5.0.5 StarPath (27th August 2015)

  • Added "Disable Browser Blur/Focus behavior" option to not stop the Slider in case the broswer tab has been blurred
  • Added a Info Field under Main Background / Source Settings to show the current selected Image URL
  • Double Click is now allowed for Editing content of Layers for quicker Content Editor Mode
  • Added a Quick Menu to edit Slider, Go back to Sliders Overview or edit Slides directly
  • Added revaddcallback() Method to add Call Back to i.e. the Parallax Module. See Documentation for further instructions
  • Added revgetparallaxproc() Method to get the current scroll percentage
  • Added Maximum Width option to Slider that are set to Slide Layout - Auto
  • Added new Premium and Free Template Store
  • Added dropdown into the admin bar in frontend, to be able to quick edit all existing Slider on the current page (Only visible for adminstrative users)
  • Allow to change Title of Slides due simple Enter / Tab also for quick editing Slide Titles
  • Adding content to a text box (for the first time) is automatically mirrored in the layer’s ‘caption text’
  • Click on the Small Thumbnail in Slider Overview will open the Slide Editor
  • Changed missleading "Video Not Found" to make it more clear for YouTube videos if no thumbnail is set on the video
  • Removed option Hide Controls for Vimeo Video Layer as this is not supported by Vimeo
  • Minor Layout changes in Slider lists and in Slide Editor
  • All Styles are now printed in one single style tag
  • Reduced markup size of the Sliders (inline styles reduced)
  • Fixed Next Slide on Focus bug
  • Fixed a bug that broke the Slider Output when using Spinner "4"
  • Fixed RTL Layer Aligns on Frontend. Elements now showing up in the Correct position on RTL Direction also
  • Fixed a bug where files relative with special chars under subdomain could not be loaded
  • Fixes the 1px Gap on the left side at some fullscreen and fullwidth Sliders
  • Fixed an Editor Bug where Imported Layers could not be edited on some browser
  • Fixed import inside of Slider Settings
  • Fixed a bug where Responsive Videos on alternative Layer Grids had only a dimension of 100x100px
  • Fixed a bug where Videos not act Responsiv in some situation
  • Fixed a bug where Parallax Start Position jumps if Site is scrolled at load
  • Fixed a missing Static to a function which could cause a notice.
  • Fixed a bug where putRevSlider() could result into a fatal error
  • Fixed a bug in import process where the revapi text in custom JS was replaced wrong
  • Fixed a bug with WPML, where a part of the website would would change the language to something different if a Slider is added to the page
  • Fixed JetPack related bugs for compatibility
  • Fixed an issue where media files with Parameter attached in file name were not loaded in the Slider
  • Fixed an issue related with ShowBiz where in certain circumstances ShowBiz Slider Settings could no longer be opened
  • Fixed an issue with TinyMCE not beeing able to add Slider in the Post/Page Editor
  • Fixed Visual Composer FrontEnd editor issue
  • Fixed issues if Slider is loaded through ajax
  • Fixed issues where the Slider did not show up under certain circumstances

Version StarPath (18th August 2015)

  • WP 4.3 Support Fix - jQuery 2.1.4 / 1.11.3 Fix

Version 5.0.4 StarPath (12th August 2015)

  • Added new Slide Transition - Slide "remove" which is the opposite transition of Slide "over"
  • Added start volume for Videos.
  • Added Input fields to edit start and end time/speed alternate to the drag and pull functions
  • Added option to choose for original image for thumbnails and the specific dimensions set in the Slider Settings -> Navigation -> Thumbs tab
  • Added the usage of attachment_url_to_postid() if WordPress 4.0.0+ is installed
  • Added Change Image button at Background Videos for Slides in Post Based Slider
  • Shuffle Mode fixed
  • Fixed a bug where files could not be loaded from Relative Path in HTTPS enviroment
  • Fixed a bug where muted YouTube video still made a sound for 0.1ms
  • Fixed a bug where Slider with Slide Link were not loaded well if no layers were added to the slide

Version 5.0.3 StarPath (11th August 2015)

  • Fixed a bug where layer would not fade out of the stage.

Version 5.0.2 StarPath (8th August 2015)

  • Added jQuery 2.1.4 and 1.11.3 Support
  • Fixed a bug where if Min Height was set, the Slider was broken.
  • Fixed a bug where Slide Links did not work without existing layers.
  • Fixed some Backend CSS Issues for RTL / LTR View
  • Fallback to transparent background image if no correct background image was set
  • Missing Template Previews added
  • Fixed a Bug where Images with special Char Names were not loaded.
  • Fixed a bug where PunchFont Fallbacks are printed in the content not source
  • Fixed a bug where PunchFonts could not be edited in Essential Grid if version 5.0+ of Slider Revolution is installed

Version 5.0.1 StarPath (7th August 2015)

  • Full Slide Link was not available after update on 5.0.0. Sizing issue is fixed now.

Version 4.6.93 SkyWood (8th May 2015)

  • Fixed a bug in backend at the process of adding YouTube videos

Version 4.6.92 SkyWood (28th April 2015)

  • Added a fix for PHP version < 5.3 which appeared in version 4.6.91

Version 4.6.91 SkyWood (28th April 2015)

  • Minor update to stay on par with security standards: More info on the envato blog

Version 4.6.9 SkyWood (16th April 2015)

  • Fixed wrong ajax action: update_slider occuring in 4.6.8

Version 4.6.8 SkyWood (15th April 2015)

  • This update is a preparation for version 5.0
  • Fixed Vimeo Event Video Playing which was not triggered
  • Fixed Parallax issues where Mouse was already hovering on Slider at load, parallax was not working
  • Fixed Parallax "Not clickable" Layers
  • Fixed Firefox Half cut images during the Animation sequences

Version 4.6.5 SkyWood (2nd December 2014)

  • Fixed Compatibility of Sandboxed GreenSock engine
  • Fixed Compatibility issues with W3C Total Cache Minifying engine
  • Fixed Static Layer Disappearing Issue
  • Fixed Lazy Loading and Preloading issues (Distorted images in FireFox)

Version 4.6.4 SkyWood (27th November 2014)

  • Added option to show only the Preview Image of a video on mobile, disabling the video
  • Min. Height now gone if Fullscreen is selected
  • Fixed an issue where the Parallax Effect if Mouse already hovered on the Slider in Firefox was not working well
  • Fixed an issue where exports can have wrong styles in it
  • Fixed Firefox HTML5 Video Playback
  • Fixed Thumbnail Vertical Offset Positions in Resized Screens

Version 4.6.3 SkyWood (21th October 2014)

  • Fixed an issue where the Slide Link was not working correctly

Version 4.6.2 SkyWood (18th October 2014)

  • Added "revkill" as method to remove the Slider from the page silently if needed
  • Added "slideatend" event that triggers if the slide is at the end
  • Changed import function for compatibility with some Windows Server machines (thanks to ThemeFuzz)
  • Improved Slider import function for theme authors to make it more easy to insert demo slider through scripts
  • Added scripts so that a Slider can be loaded in Essential Grid at Ajax loading (Essential Grid version 1.5 or later needed)
  • Added new Custom Controls for HTML5 Video Player to avoid Chrome "unclickable" buttons issue
  • Added Rotating Loop Animation on Layers
  • Spinner can now be disabled in the Slider Settings
  • New fallback options for iOS4 and IE8 added in the Slider Settings (Alternative Image and/or simplyfied output)
  • Added option to redraw Slider on browser tab focus
  • More changes on exporting Sliders for further compatibility
  • Activating the plugin a second time will now no longer add default fonts again
  • Saving CSS / a new CSS class through the style editor will now sanitize the classname
  • Setting the single slide setting in the Slide Editor to off will now set the values Arrows Type and Bullets Type to none
  • Improved minifying support
  • Easy auto settings for single loop option
  • Videos on mobile devices available again
  • Minimized the styling output
  • Improved output validation (style attribute scoped)
  • Changed backend icon of static layers to avoid confusion
  • Removed console=1 from the YouTube default settings (only works for new added YouTube video layers)
  • Google Fonts will no longer be inserted after multiple plugin activation/deactivation
  • Improved compatibility with databases
  • Enabled unlimited speed parameter
  • WPML Slides will now be exported properly and can be imported again
  • Improved the size and style handling of Layers in Slide Editor (resizing, rotating and lost values of parameters)
  • IE8 - line height "auto" broke the fullscreen slider. In case "auto" is set, the font size +4px will be calculated for line height
  • z-index bug for first layer in case dotted overlay exists fixed
  • SSL compatibility with Vimeo videos in the backend added
  • Chrome's max-width fallback from % to px. Slides accepting now only px values!
  • Transition speed had no influence on real transitions
  • Max transition can now have the same value as the max delay of the Slide
  • Fixed missing Box Slide, Paper Cut and Box Fade transitions
  • Further export compatibility for multisites
  • Fix of Lists in Captions - Formatting and Display issues
  • Link to Another Slide in Random Mode Bug linked to the wrong Slide Bug is fixed
  • Undefined poster image on HTML5 videos fixed
  • Fixed Vimeo/YouTube timings (delaying issues)
  • Fixed KenBurn dotted overlay
  • Fixed problem with loop animations
  • Fixed navigation style issues
  • Fixed Pan Zoom for mobile issues
  • Fixed a bug where videos restarted on resize
  • Fixed HTML5 video markup output
  • Fixed a bug where hide slider on mobile did not work on certain devices
  • Fixed a bug with speed parameters
  • Fixed a bug where caption naming in layers list was not updating anymore
  • Further IE8 compatibility by changing CSS styles
  • Fixed boxfade and boxslide animations
  • Fixed a bug where the first layer z-index was always placed behind the dotted overlay
  • SSL compatibility with Vimeo API in the backend added

Version 4.6 SkyWood (25th August 2014)

  • Option to disable each video on mobile
  • Option to disable Pan Zoom on Mobile
  • Option to disable Parallax on Mobile
  • Randomized Animation from the Selected Animations available now
  • New Offset option for the Scroll Below Function
  • New Option to set Slider Min Height - Content will be vertical centered in case content container is smaller then min height of Slider
  • New Loop Options for HTML5 Videos: none, loop and stop Slider Timer or Loop till Progress Bar reaches the End
  • Alternative First Slide wins now, even if Random Slides is enabled
  • Vimeo, YouTube and HTML5 Video can be added now via options on demand instead of preadding iFrames. This will avoid Preloads delays, and slow site loadings
  • Using now tp-videolayer class for Videos to identificate Video Layers better
  • Class "current-sr-slide-visible" added to the Slide "li" tag which is currently Visible
  • Swipe Engine Change
  • Swipe Treshold Option Default 75 - The number of pixels that the user must move their finger by before it is considered a swipe.
  • Swipe Min Finger Default 1 - Min Finger (touch) used for swipe
  • Drag Block Vertical Default false - Scroll Auto below Slider on Vertical Swipe on Slider
  • YouTube Force Rewind fix
  • YouTube Mute in Second Loop fix
  • Added backwards compatibility for inline CSS with WordPress versions under 3.7
  • Ken Burns Dotted Overlay was not visible
  • IE8 Console Group Issue - Slider was not visible in IE8
  • Looping Issues if Slides has been manually hanged after Loop Stopped
  • Browser Tab Change -> Broken ELements fixed. Option for Slide Change on Blur Tab / Browser also available.
  • Navigation Style Preview1- Preview4 Styling issues
  • Power2 Error at some Animation
  • Mouse Over on Loaded PArallax Slider issue - Slider will always play parallax effect, even if Mouse was already hovering the slider at laod
  • IE8 and other Old MObile Devices Fall Back on simple Transitions. CAn be forced now
  • HTML5, YouTube and Vimeo Video Playback fixes

Note !

In case you using also our Essential Grid and/or Shwobiz Pro Plugins, please do update also them to avoid incompatibility issues between the ThemePunch Tools !

Version 4.5.95 SkyWood (16th July 2014)

  • Changed Animation Engine, improved Animation technology. Reduced file size, and added Timeline based transitions
  • Fixed Flickering effects on mobile devices
  • Fixed stuttering on animation with many layers
  • Fixed Ken Burn animation failures after few Transition types
  • Added Safari 3d Back to Transitions
  • Fixed some broken Slide Transitions
  • Fixed IE8 transition failres, fall back always on Fade
  • Fixed Google 36 Updates issues

Version 4.5.9 SkyWood (7th July 2014)

  • Drag and Rotate the Layer Content to set a 2D Rotation per element
  • Drag and Resize Elements, images, Contents for better text breaks, and more flexibility
  • Now also Split Animated Text content can be Rotated
  • Added feature to allow Looped Animation and Rotated Content
  • Reenabled Link ID, Class, Title and Rel in Slide Editor
  • Fixed Vimeo First Auto Play issue
  • Fixed unseletable elements in Locked Mode
  • Fixed Output Failure if Rotated and Looped Animation has been selected
  • Various Bug fix in Drag And Drop Editor
  • Fix of Background Image if Screen size less Then Grid Width, postion of Elements and BG backend and frontend looked different
  • Various Fixes for Mobile Styling. Broken Transitions, bad performance on Mobile devices
  • Bug with Rotated Layers on Backend fixed
  • Bug with MAx Width and Max Height of elements was not visible in Backend
  • White Space Bugs - Backend was not displaying settings of White Spaces
  • Ken Burn Images on backend was distorted if Window has been resized

Version 4.5.8 SkyWood (4th July 2014)

  • Reenabled Link ID, Class, Title and Rel in Slide Editor

Version 4.5.7 SkyWood (2nd July 2014)

  • New Options in Global Settings, like Disable/Enable Hammer.js Plugin
  • New Developer Option to Disable via the theme the Hammer.js Plugin (Avada Requests)
  • Minimized Style Output in the Document, only used Layer Styles are really loaded
  • Changed the Aq_Resize name to prevend conflicts with other themes that also use it and modified code in it
  • Updated GreenSock Engine to 12.1
  • Protected Mode for GreenSock for ThemePunch Plugins added. No more conflict between any other plugins / themes and ThemePunch Tools
  • Lag Smoothing Enabled

Version 4.5.6 SkyWood (25th June 2014)

  • Added missing fonts from Punch Fonts into the CSS Editor Font Family dropdown
  • Fullscreen Layout Without Offset Heights got the Wrong Height

Version 4.5.5 SkyWood (24th June 2014)

  • Option to disable parallax on mobile added
  • Option to add an offset in px or % to FullScreen Slider
  • Two new Slide transitions: Parallax Vertical and Parallax Horizontal
  • Export Slider into HTML. Option availble first when Feature enabled under Global Settings
  • Static Layers now have to be enable in each Slider for usage (can be found in General Settings tab)
  • onChange Event delivers the Slide Index and the Slide jQuery Object now
  • Global option JavaScript into footer now also adds the revslider calls into the footer
  • Lazy Loading bug in combination with Static Layers fixed
  • "Hide Slider Under" option did not redraw the Layers after Resize. Bug is fixed
  • YouTube Video Bug with Overlay Image on Mobile Devices.
  • IE8 and IE9 Slide Link Bug Fixed
  • Output Filters Protection fix for "By Compressing Output"

Version 4.5.4 SkyWood (16th June 2014)

  • Static Layers added. Can be found under Slide List (new button called "Edit Static Layers")
  • Possibility added to insert id, class, attr and i.e. own data attributes to each specific Slide
  • Inline CSS compressed/minimized now in output
  • Layers sometimes not fading out fixed

Version 4.5.3 SkyWood (13th June 2014)

  • IE jQuery bugfix
  • Responsive Through All Levels fixed where checkbox would be always checked on each element after reload of Slide Editor

Version 4.5.2 SkyWood (10th June 2014)

  • data-parallaxoffset attribute is now available and updated on Scroll. This value can be interesting for Developers to read current Parallax Offsets of the elements with the jQuery selector .tp-parallax-container (Possible usage for Blur, Fade, Rotation effects based on the values)
  • Thumbnail is not Showing has been fixed
  • Choosen Global Settings now correctly set again
  • Shortcode dropdown selector will now insert the right shortcode
  • Auto Play only First Time on Videos (YouTube and Vimeo) did not work well.
  • Imported layers will be stripped of slashes now

Version 4.5.01 SkyWood (06th June 2014)

  • Fixed a bug where new Slider & Template Slider button is missing

Version 4.5.0 SkyWood (05th June 2014)

  • Improved Backend Functionality
  • Added a timeline based editor for better & easier handling of layer times
  • Loop Effect now available. Choose between four loop types for each layer in the Slide Editor under "Layer Animations"
  • Parallax Effect now available. Enable it in Slider Settings in the Parallax Tab and set your desired level of each layer in Slide Settings
  • Parallax on Mouse Movement Added
  • Parallax on Scroll Added with Background fixed or Scrolled Options
  • PArallax on Mobile Device Tilt
  • qTranslate is now supported in layers
  • Added filter hook called 'revslider_get_posts' that can be used to manipulate the WP_Query array
  • New Grid/Snap functionality in Slide Editor for better positioning of elements
  • Punch Fonts are now included. This should now be used if google fonts need to be loaded through the Slider Revolution plugin
  • Option added to not load the Slider on Mobile devices
  • 2D rotation options added to layers in Slide Editor
  • New navigation types called preview1, preview2, preview3, preview4 and custom
  • Custom CSS and JavaScript can now be added directly in each Slider
  • Placeholder of Slider at Page load will be auto generated. No more Jump Vertically during Slider is loading
  • Added Performance Boost optional, where Outgoing Layers first animated before next slide is played. Helps if many layers added to one Slide
  • Reburn of Pan Zoom Effect on FullScreen, FullWidth and Boxed layout with a complete new Engine
  • Check if more then one instance of Slider Revolution exists.
  • Added support for spaces in putRevSlider("newslider2014","2,10") like putRevSlider("newslider2014","2, homepage")
  • Added check if hammer.js is already included
  • Added allowfullscreen="true" into YouTube video iFrame output
  • Using now Aqua Resizer for thumbnail generation
  • Pagination added to the Slide Overview page
  • Added Sorting of Slides based on names or Shortcode in Slider Overview page
  • Video ID of YouTube and Vimeo can now be changed on editing a layer
  • Added notification on post based slider if the template slider does not have any slides created
  • Removed the JavaScript inside of the href attribute of buttons from the Slide Editor
  • Fixed a bug where Template Sliders would change to normal Sliders
  • Fixed a bug where layer positions in slide editor where not correctly calculated if the layer had a padding or margin.
  • white-space and max-width/max-height are now correctly shown in Slide Editor
  • Fix for importing where \n was translated to n
  • Visible Last slide at Loading fixed
  • Visible Navigation Elements on Load fixed

Version 4.3.8 SkyWood (27th April 2014)

  • BugFix for Shortcode Selector in WordPress 3.9 that happens on toggle between text & visual button
  • added px to height css in fullwidth Sliders

Version 4.3.7 SkyWood (17th April 2014)

  • Select ShortCodes are now back in Posts on WordPress 3.9
  • Ken Burns Double Start after changing the slide

Version 4.3.6 SkyWood (14th April 2014)

  • Ken Burns and Pan Zoom Effect Engine Change. Animation based on Img rotations and Zooms, Transitions instead of Background animation. Due this change the Aniamtions become really Smooth and Clean.
  • Fixed some compability issues with custom captions

Version 4.3.5 SkyWood (09th April 2014)

  • Decreased Loading Time of Styles due loading styles Inline in Header (based on WordPress Best Practices)
  • Fixed Click and Taps bugs on Elements in Slider viewing Slider in Mobile Devices
  • Fixed Positions of Videos after leaving Fullscreen Video Playback
  • Fixed Element Transitions by clicking Next/previous Slider before Elements has been shown. Currently Not Visible Elements will not show up suddenly any more.

Version 4.3.4 SkyWood (07th April 2014)

  • Changed Backend Style of Style Editor
  • Added Swipe Up & Down to scroll below or above the slider on Mobile Devices
  • Fixed Color Picker in Backend Editor

Version 4.3.3 SkyWood (27th March 2014)

  • Changed the validation process to meet the envato requirements
  • KenBurn effect "End Position" fix if percentage is choosen

Version 4.3.2 SkyWood (25th March 2014)

  • Added Option keyboardNavigation to allow Navigation with left/right arrows
  • Removed video-js plugin and added Browser Native HTML5 Video Player
  • Added stripslashes to the import process to the layers
  • Added multisite custom css fix
  • Fixed HTML5 Video Loading issues
  • Fixed Android Device Swipe Feature

Version 4.3.1 SkyWood (21th March 2014)

  • Changed the activation text
  • Fix for Thumbnail generating on some installations

Version 4.3 SkyWood (18th March 2014)

  • Fix if Slider does not load after Touch Option is Disabled
  • MultiSite export fix on some installations.

Version 4.2.7 SkyWood (18th March 2014)

  • Added Options like Swipe Velocity, Swipe Min/Max Touches
  • Added Drag Block Vertical option to prevent verticall scroll if needed. Default (false)
  • BugFix for FireFox Timer Line - Visibilty of Timer was ignored in Firefox and IE
  • BugFix for checking for new updates
  • BugFix for event manager, dates will now be correctly translated if they are not english

Version 4.2.6 SkyWood (17th March 2014)

  • New Slider Setting option: Hide Mobile Nav After in Mobile Visibility Tab
  • Calculation of forceFullScreenAlign Positions. Resized Positions are More exact
  • Replacement of rel=0 in youtube video layer disabled
  • Added Hide Slider under "window width" for all type of Slider Layouts. Slider is stopped / started depends on the Window size also
  • Hide Timer Bug has been fixed
  • Small multisite export/import adjustments
  • Small general export/import adjustments
  • Missing static-captions.css text in console on slider preview removed
  • YouTube: Hide Controls do now work
  • YouTube/Vimeo allow now to insert direct URL or ID
  • YouTube rel=0 fix
  • YouTube iOS Fix for Replaying videos on 2nd Call
  • StopOnHover set to 1 Bug has been fixed
  • Backend Speed improvements on some hosters

Version 4.2.5 SkyWood (12th March 2014)

  • Slide Link zIndex issues and Slide Link Resizing issues fixed
  • Individual Slide Timer has been fixed. Broken since version 4.2.4

Version 4.2.4 SkyWood (10th March 2014)

  • Updated Russian Translation / Language Pack
  • Improved Plugin Processes, Removed Script Intervals and Timers for Better CPU Management (30-50% less CPU Usage)

Version 4.2.3 SkyWood (3th March 2014)

  • BugFix in Russian Language causing the error "setting layer_caption not found"

Version 4.2.2 SkyWood (28th February 2014)

  • In case HTML5 Video Js Loads later then Meta of Video will not fire the Auto Play Option
  • Changed update check. In some situations user will not see that a new update is available.

Version 4.2.1 SkyWood (27th February 2014)

  • Fixed YouTube Api, changed youtube api load to permanent Https
  • Fixed HTML5 Video Preload. A Waiting process added for Video JS and Stream preloads
  • Fixed Vimeo API Preloads
  • Fixed "Unclickable" Notice for Auto Updates and Premium Support

Version 4.2 SkyWood (25th February 2014) including Security Fix

  • New Activation process added
  • New Automatic Updates process added
  • Added Char, Word and Line Based Text animation to improve the Visual Experience on the Layer Animations
  • Added 5 Different Loader Spinner with Live Preview Selector
  • Added a new Shortcode type. Now [rev_slider slider_alias] and also [rev_slider alias="slider_alias"] works.
  • Added polish language thanks to Dawid Dudek (www.supportitc.pl)
  • Meta Box for RevSlider now available in all Custom Post Types
  • Added remove Thumbnail in Slide Editor
  • Added white-space, maxwidth and maxheight options
  • Improved Loading Speed. Slider loads over 1-2 sec quicker than before.
  • Improved Lazy Loading, to load Images and Layer images on demand. Intelligent Preloading of next slide Elements.
  • Removed function mysql_insert_id() that will be deprecated in php version 5.5.x
  • Auto Thumbnail Function, small copy of Slider Image, or Colorer BG used as Default.
  • Fixed Security Issue
  • Fixed YouTube Api
  • CSS editor bugfix where custom styles were set into other choosen layers
  • Added missing argument for WPML, this enables WPML functionality in using the specific post feature
  • Small adjustment for css editor that caused problems on some installations
  • Check if ssl on external jquery library & css include
  • Fixed Overlapping layers if Mixed Align Mode used in Slide
  • Fixed Pause/Resume function if Navigation elements has been hovered.
  • MultiSite Style Settings - Minor Workaround added till next Major Release

Version 4.1.4 Sky Wood Release Date 20.12.2013

  • Feature: ID, Class, Title & Rel attribute for Links on images added
  • Feature: Added files so that google does not index internal files
  • Change: German language files recreated
  • Change: instead of a fatal error, the none existence of ZipArchive will now give a more gently message

Version 4.1.3 Sky Wood Release Date 15.12.2013

  • Change: Imported images through slider import create now also the thumbnails
  • Bug fix: stripslashes problem in global styles at slider imports fixed
  • Bug fix: multisite import of slider now correctly imports images
  • Bug fix: selecting thumbnails/video overlays now work on multisites

Version 4.1.2 Sky Wood Release Date 12.12.2013

  • Change: Deleting Posts inside a Post Slider will now trash instead of deleting them
  • Bug fix: Fixed a z-index issue where the-events-calendar set the jquery-ui-dialog overlay over the Slider Revolution Dialogs
  • Bug Fix: Http / Https loading of API’S in the right format depending on the current URL
  • Bug Fix: Issue solved with the HTML5 Video Sizing
  • Bug Fix: YouTube Api does not work without the origin=http://yourdomain any more !!
    • The slider adds this now automatically on every YouTube video.
    • NOTE: Please note that this only works on live servers and not local installations.
    • For example: autoplay will not work on local machines but on your live servers

Version 4.1.1 Sky Wood Release Date 06.12.2013

  • Feature: New API Method: rev redraw for Redrawing the current Slide in case, slider is included some animated container.
  • Feature: New tab in Slider Settings: Reset Options.
    • Reset all Transitions of this Slider to a choosen one
    • Reset all Transition Durations of this Slider to a choosen one
    • Feature: New Dropdown on Post/Pages for revslider Shortcodes (found in Visual mode of Editor)
    • Change: New button in Slide Edit mode to go back to Slide List of Slider
    • Bug fix: Remove of Aspect Ratio and Dotted Overlay if Cover was not choosen in HTML5 Videos
    • Bug fix: Fixed a bug on import of Slider where custom arrows might break
    • Bug fix: Fixed a bug for Missing static-captions.css
    • Bug fix: Fixed FF and IE10 Animation issues
    • Bug fix: Fixed Wrong calculated Center positions if Caption has CSS3 Animations associated

    Version 4.1 Sky Wood Release Date 29.11.2013

    • Feature: Ken Burns Effect (align start/end) bg Fit (start/end), Speed and easing
    • Feature: Min Height for Fullscreen Sliders
    • Feature: HTML5 Videos with new functions
    • Feature: Cover the Slide with whole HTML5 Video screen (no black borders)
    • Feature: Dotted Overlay on HTML5 Videos with cover & slide backgrounds
    • Feature: Dotted Overlay on Background Images (global setting)
    • Feature: Mute option on Videos
    • Feature: Force Rewind of Videos on slide change
    • Change: Fallback to old export if zip extension is not installed on server
    • Bug fix: Post meta tag fix for plugin: Types - Complete Solution for Custom Fields and Types
    • Bug fix: IE8 Image Dimension Issues. Fall Back on Simple Image aligned instead of Background Images

    Version 4.0.6 Sky Wood Release Date 14.11.2013

    • Bug fix: Force Fullwidth Offsets
    • Bug fix: Added FF Protection for 3d Animated Elements
    • Bug fix: Update GreenSock Engine with Protection for FF25 Aniamtions
    • Bug fix: IE8 HALO Effect Solved