Add-On: Exploding Layers


Install & Activate the Add-On

All Add-Ons are installed/activated the same.  Click the link below for instructions:

Setup/Configure the Exploding Layers default settings

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Switch "On" the Exploding Layer addon in the slider General Settings

The default settings are what will be used for the individual slides until they are edited further. Hover your mouse over each option for additional information.

Enable the effect for a Layer inside the Slide Editor

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Add a Layer:
Enable the Effect for when the Layer animates INTO view:
Enable the Effect for when the Layer animates OUT of view:

Choose a particle and adjust the settings for the effect

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Choose a particle for the effect:
Adjust the settings for the effect:

Suggestions and Tips

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Set the "out" animation to "Automatic Reverse" to mimic the animation's "in" effect:
Adjust the animation's easing and duration to enhance the effect's visual symmetry:
Enable the "Sync Helper" to force-sync the animation in cases when the frame rate drops: