Add Slider to one of your site’s Pages


From the slider's main settings page, copy your slider's shortcode to your computer's clipboard.
And then paste the slider's shortcode into your page's main content area.
From the page's main content editor, select "Revolution Slider" icon.
Then select a slider and choose "Add Selected Slider".
From "WP Menu -> Appearance -> Widgets", you'll find "Revolution Slider" listed.
Then drag and drop the "Revolution Slider" box into one of your theme's "Widget Areas".
Widget Options:

1. Optional title to be displayed above the slider

2. Choose the actual Slider you wish to display

3. Choose to only display the slider on your homepage

4. Enter a set of page ID’s to only display the slider on a set of specific pages (page ID’s separated by commas).

The Shortcode and Widget methods will work fine for most themes, but depending on how your theme was built, you may need to add the slider directly to one of your theme’s php files.

  • Important Note:
    This method is for advanced users only, and you'll need to be comfortable editing a php file before you begin.
Below are all the possible ways the slider can be added via PHP (review code comments for information about each one)

In the following example, we’ll use the “homepage” example code from above with a slider’s “alias” name of “slider1”. You can get your slider’s “alias” name by visiting the main settings of your slider:

Next, decide where you want the slider to appear within your theme. Usually this will be somewhere inside your theme’s “page.php” file.

To edit this file, from the main WordPress menu, hover your mouse over the “Appearance” menu item and select “Editor”. Then select “page.php” from the files listed on the right side of the page.

Inside you’re theme’s “page.php” file, you should see something called The Loop:

“The Loop” is where the page’s main content will get added to the page. So for this example, we’ll add the slider directly above the page’s main content (i.e. before “The Loop”).

Finally, because we passed in “homepage” as the second argument, even though the slider is now embedded into the “page.php” file directly, it will only appear on the homepage you’ve designated for your site.