Add-On: Social Sharing


Install & Activate the Add-On

Setup the Social Sharing

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The Social Sharing Add-On is best when combined with Post-based and Social Streams sliders, but it can also be used to share the current page when traditional sliders are used as well.

Step 1: Add a "Click" Action to a Layer
Step 2: Choose one of the new Social Sharing options
Step 3: Choose what url you'd like to Share

When using a Post-based or Social Streams Slider, you’ll have the option of sharing the “Post URL”, which would represent the url of the individual blog post, tweet url, etc.

Or you can choose to share the current page’s URL, which is the default option for regular Gallery-based sliders (a.k.a. “Default Slider”).

Step 4: Choose optional text to include

Optional text is available when when sharing on Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

The example below shows the "Text" sharing options that would be available for a Twitter Stream Slider.