Add-On: Login Page

The Login Add-on is a Premium Feature that requires version 5.4+

Click here for information about how to update.


Install & Activate the Add-On

Setup/Configure the Login Page

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Step 1: Login Content

Decide wether your login page should be a slider only or an existing page.

In case the page or slider contains no Login Form (see also Step 9) a form will be added automatically after content.

Slider - Continue with Step 2

Page - Continue with Step 4

Step 2: Select Slider

If you have selected "Slider" above you can now select the slider that should hold your login form here.

Step 3: Page Title (Slider)

The slider will be shown on a blank page, therefore you can add a page title here.

Step 4: Select Page (skip when selected "Slider" above)

When using a whole page as Login page please select the page here.

Step 5: Default Redirect Link

If the Login page is called directly and your user successfully logged in you can redirect them here.

Step 6: Activate Lost Password Link

Add the link to ask for a new password beneath the form.

Step 7: Overtake Lost Password

Activate this if you want the Lost Password Form to be displayed in the same space. Otherwise the standard WP page for this will be shown.

Step 8: Remember me?

Activate the remember me checkbox so a user login can be remembered by WP.

Step 9: Insert Login Form into Slider Layer

You now can add the login form into a text layer in the Slide Editor. Just create a new text layer or edit an existing one and insert the shortcode [revslider-login-form] either by pasting it in directly or using our placeholder functionality.