Add-On: Featured Slider

The Add-on is a Premium Feature that requires version 5.4+

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Install & Activate the Add-On

Setup/Configure the Featured Sliders

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Step 1: Select Auto/Manual

Decide wether to display one featured slider automatically on all posts (with certain exceptions) or to only use the post option set manually in the individual posts.

Step 2: Post Option

If you select to only show the featured sliders via the Single Post Option or have set the "Overwrite Featured Slider in Post" to "OFF" while using "All Posts Auto" you can set a featured slider in every individual post. You will find this option right below the Featured Image option on your post edit screen.

Step 3: Select Auto Featured Slider

Select the slider that will be used to be displayed everywhere the featured image was displayed before (respecting the exception buttons).

Step 4: Exceptions

You can set three exceptions to regulate when to display the automatic slider.

  • Overwrite Featured Image - You can decide wether the slider should be displayed when a featured image is set
  • Overwrite Featured Slider - Decide wether you want to ignore featured sliders set in the single posts or not
  • Write when no featured image set in post - If your slider is a post based slider that is dependent on the featured image in the slider you can turn this option to "OFF" so your slider does not look broken.

Theme does not support Featured Slider

The featured slider plugin is based on filtering the WP function "the_thumbnail". This works for all standard themes but not with themes that have the featured image part custom coded. If you want to modify the page template (e. g. index.php, single.php or the template parts called inside) you can use the shortcode we build for that matter.

Let's say this is what the featured image part looks like in your post template (part) (Example theme: "Total" from

You now should wrap the image html with our "featured_revslider" shortcode and execute this shortcode via the WP function "do_shortcode":

Shortcode "featured_revslider"

If you want to include the featured slider freely in your content you can also always use the shortcode [featured_revslider] with no content or attributes whereever you like to.