Add-On: Distortion Effect

The Distortion AddOn uses WebGL technology!
WebGL is enabled by default and supported in the latest versions of all major browsers. But if you have disabled WebGL for your favorite browser in the past, it can be re-enabled from your browser's advanced settings.


Install & Activate the Add-On

All Add-Ons are installed/activated the same.  Click the link below for instructions:

Setup/Configure the Distortion Effect default settings

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Switch "On" the Distortion Effect addon in the slider General Settings

The default settings are what will be used for the individual slides until they are edited further. Hover your mouse over each option for additional information.

Enable Distortion Effect on Slides

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Step 1: Insert a Background Image
Step 2: Enable the Distortion Effect on the selected slide.

Loading a prebuilt Distortion Effect settings template

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The Distortion Effect Addon comes with a few prebuilt settings template that you can apply on your slider.