Add-On: BubbleMorph


Install & Activate the Add-On

All Add-Ons are installed/activated the same.  Click the link below for instructions:

Setup/Configure the BubbleMorph default settings

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Switch "On" the BubbleMorph addon in the slider General Settings

The default settings are what will be used for the individual slides until they are edited further. Hover your mouse over each option for additional information.

Creating a BubbleMorph layer

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Step 1: Click Add Layer and choose BubbleMorph
Step 2: Edit the default BubbleMorph Settings.

Re-configuring the BubbleMorph Settings.

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Changing the BubbleMorph background color
Changing the BubbleMorph Width and Height

Display Border only BubbleMorph

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Step 1: Adjust the border width and color.
Step 2: Change the background opacity of the BubbleMorph layer to transparent.

Configure the AddOn-Specific settings for Responsive Viewports

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Step 1: Enable Responsive Viewports
Step 2: Configure the BubbleMorph size for different Viewports
Step 3: Configure the BubbleMorph settings for different Viewports