Add-On: Coming Soon & Maintenance

The Coming Soon / Maintenance Add-on is a Premium Feature that requires version 5.3.1+

Click here for information about how to update.


Install & Activate the Add-On

Configure the Add-On

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Page Settings
  1. Enable the Add-On
    Splash Page will become visible to the general public (logout of WordPress to see what the public sees).
  2. Choose your Content
    Choose if a single slider should be displayed, or alternatively, display the content from one of your pages.
  3. Choose the Slider to display
    Slider will be displayed full screen
  4. Page Title
    The HTML title tag
  5. Activate the Timer
    Enable this option for the Coming Soon template.
Timer Settings
  1. End Date
    Countdown until this date
  2. End Time
    Countdown until this time
  3. Auto-deactivate?
    Choose to automatically deactivate the Coming Soon mode when the date and time above are reached.
  4. Placeholders
    Special slider content codes for the timer settings.