Update on Revolution Slider 5.0 & Poll

The long awaited Slider Revolution 5.0 Update is turning out to be Super Awesome!

Today we would like to provide you with extra information on some of the new possibilities that Revolution Slider 5.0 brings.
Also, please vote in our poll at the bottom of the post. This will help us greatly to plan the future of our products.

The Brand New fully Visual Slide Builder!

Developed with high usability in mind, our new slide editor has all the features you could imagine with every option in the right place.

Quick Layer Selection

The new layer selection drop down allows for a quick overview over the slides layers. You can also lock/hide all or specific layers for a better workflow.

Custom Device Sizes

One of the biggest new features is that you can customize your slide content specifically for different device sizes. Of course its still possible to have the whole slide scaled down automatically on smaller devices like smartphones or tablets, but sometimes you want that extra bit of control!

Full Animation Control with Timelines

Our reworked timelines allow you to have a great overview over all the animations that are happening in your slide. You can setup animation sequences perfectly and preview the whole slide by dragging across the timeline.

Select and Preview Slide Transitions

Transitions for your slides can now be selected comfortably from a list. If more than one transition is selected, the slide will cycle through your selection. Transitions will also show an animated preview on hover!

Custom Navigation Style Builder

If the huge selection of remade navigation elements is not enough, you can easily create new navigation skins from scratch or by duplicating existing ones. The structure is so flexible that possibilities are endless!

Guided Slider Creation Process

We made the slider creation process as “easy as 1,2,3” with all important options readily available.
If you only want to change texts and media and not bother with further customisation, no problem! Slider Revolution 5.0 comes with tons of ready-made templates that contain fully build sliders.

Just a few of the Slider Templates included in 5.0

Slider Revolution 5.0 will come with tons of premade slider templates for all kinds of purposes.
Hero Headers, Carousels, Media Galleries and even whole Front Pages including Navigation will be part of the standard template arsenal.
Content can also come from all popular media streams like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, Flickr, WordPress Posts, and more!

And now you decide!

We think that high-quality, ready-made templates for Slider Revolution are vital to our customers as they greatly reduce the amount of time spend creating and designing content.

Lets say you want to create a striking website presentation for your small restaurant business. No problem, just load up one of our templates, adjust your texts and media if needed and you are done!

The new “Front Page” Sliders will allow for complete small websites without using any other tools other than Slider Revolution.

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