Internet Explorer 8 Usage Report 2015 & Poll

Here is the ThemePunch 2015 report on IE8 usage across all of our websites. Decide if we should finally ditch IE8 altogether or keep it alive in our plugins!

So Microsoft is officially discontinuing Internet Explorer 8 on Jan. 12, 2016.
Google has already dropped IE8 support back in 2012, yet we are still recieving occasional requests for IE8 support in our plugins.

Here is what our 2015 google analytics data tells us about browser usage on our sites.

All Browsers

From January 2015 – June 2015, 2.74% of all our visitors were using Internet Explorer (all versions).

Internet Explorer Share

Out of those 2.74%, a total of 2,90% were browsing with Internet Explorer 8.

So how many are using IE8 exactly?

This basically boils down to a whooping 0,079% of all our site visitors using Internet Explorer 8.
In numbers, out of our 1.104.234 visitors in 2015 (so far), 879 used IE8.

You decide!

Support for IE8 in ThemePunch plugins and themes could still be done with functionality fallback.

Would you like to see continued IE8 support in our plugins?

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