Working with the Bernie Federko Grid Template

The Bernie Federko Grid Template is available free to Direct Customers.
Click here to learn how this template can be installed


1. How to change the Hover Text/Background Color

Edit the Grid Skin
Identify the Layer Class Name. Example : .eg-bernie-federko-element-0
Navigate to Grid Editor/Preview and Edit a Grid Element.
Scroll to "Item Settings"
Locate the Layer Class Name and change the "Background Color"
Insert a new Custom Skin Rule to target the "Title" Layer Class Name and apply a Font Color.

2. How to insert Empty Spaces

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In Grid Settings, locate "Add Items" and Click on "Blank Item"
Adjust the Cobbles Element Size
Position the "Blank Item" using the available options.

3. Hyperlinking the Grid Items

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Locate the grid and click on Edit Skin
In Grid Layout Composition > Link/SEO > Select "Add Link To" > "Cover" and "Link To" > "Post"
Go to Grid Editor/Preview > Edit Element > Insert a URL into "Link To" to Hyperlink the Grid Item

4. How to change the Grid Layout

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  • Note:
    Click here to learn more about Cobbles Layout.
Edit the Grid Element and adjust the Cobbles Element Size