Working with the GoodNews Template

The GoodNews Template is available free to Direct Customers.
The template is a Slider Pack, where each slider represents a part of the page.


1. Getting Started

1.1 Installation
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The sliders from the pack will then be listed individually:
The “Blank Demo Page” will then contain all the shortcodes in their respective order for the template’s “Slider Pack”:

2. Editing the MENU

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2.1 Changing the menu background color
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Step 1: Select the “OVERLAYBG” Shape Layer and click on the “Eye” icon to show the background Layer.
Step 2: Navigate to Advance Styling and select the “Background” tab.  Then change the “Background Color” to your preferred color.
Result: The main menu’s background color is now changed
2.2 Editing a Menu Link
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Step 1: Select a menu item
Step 2: Click on Layer Actions and insert your custom link or link to a specific Slider ID

3. Editing the Header

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3.1 Changing the position of the text container
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This template displays the contents in a Row/Column and the steps below will show you how to change the position of the container.  In the following example, we’ll change the row’s alignment from bottom to center.

Step 1: Select the “Row” layer on the timeline
Step 2: Change the row’s alignment to top, bottom or center.
Result: The content is now aligned vertically to the middle of the slider
3.2 Allow the slider to change slides automatically
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Step 1: Set the “Stop Slider After” option to “Off” from the Slider Settings
Step 2: Visit the Slide Settings, and from “Main Background -> Source Settings”, set the “Loop Video” option to “Disable”.
  • Quick Tip:
    If you want the slider to navigate to the next slide after the video ends, set the "Next Slide On End" option to "On" as well
3.3 Adjusting the border around the slide's content
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Step 1: Select the “Boxed” shape layer on the timeline and click on the “Eye” toggle to reveal the hidden “Shape Layer”
Step 2: Navigate to “Advanced Styles” > “Border” > Reduce/Increase the border values.
  • Quick Tip:
    Delete this layer if you wish to display the slider full screen.
Result: The content’s border styling is now changed

4. Editing the Body Contents

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4.1 Changing the Column images
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Step 1: Select the image you would like to change:
Or select the image’s “Column” from the Layers Selector menu:
Step 2: Navigate to “Advanced Styles” > “Background” and change the background image to your liking.
4.2 Altering the Image Columns.
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The following steps show how a row of 3 images can be change to a row of 2 images.

Step 1: Select the column’s Text Layer content (#1 and #2 below), and then delete each Layer via the trash icon (#3).
Step 2: Click on the “Row” column settings and select “Two Columns” Layout
Result: The first row now has 2 images instead of 3