Woocommerce Slider Revolution

Display WooCommerce Products with Slider Revolution

  • Quick Note:
    The WooCommerce Slider Template used in this article is available free to Direct Customers


1. Getting Started

1.1 Downloading the Woocommerce Slider Template
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2. Configuring the Source

2.1 Selecting Woocommerce as Slider Source
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2.2 Configuring Woocommerce Slider Source
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3. Editing the Slide

3.1 Show the product image as the slide's Main Background Image
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3.2 Displaying Product Information
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Displaying the Product Title and Excerpt using Text Layers

3.3 Creating "Add to Cart" and "Product Link" buttons
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“Add to Cart” and “Product link” buttons are created using Button Layers and it’s hyperlinked using Layer Actions

3.4 Displaying Product Ratings
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Rating and review count is created using Text Layers and will be displayed directly on the front end.

4. Display Additional Product Information

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Step 1

Add a new Text/HTML Layer

Step 2

Click on the “Meta Key” icon

Step 3

Select a Woocommerce “Meta Key”


Displays the selected Woocommerce “Meta Key” on the Text/HTML Layer