Mobile Video / Background Video vs. Video Layers

This article explains the difference between adding a video as a Main Background vs. adding it as a Content Layer.

IMPORTANT NOTE: New Browser/Device restrictions for Autoplay Video

Videos with sound are no longer allowed to autoplay in Chrome, Safari and mobile devices. Because of this, Slider Revolution will automatically mute videos in these cases.

With Slider Revolution, there are two ways that video can be added to a slide:
When a video is added as the slide's main background:
  1. The video will ALWAYS autoplay
  2. The video will be MUTED automatically in Chrome, Safari and mobile devices
  3. The video will NOT have user-controls by default (but they can be added manually)
When a video is added as a Content Layer:
  1. Autoplay is optional *
  2. Controls are optional

* videos set to autoplay will always be muted automatically on Chrome, Safari and mobile

Additional information to help you decide what's best for your site:
  • A video can be “Full Width” for both options.
  • When added as the slide’s main background, all other Content Layers will always exist on top of the video.
  • When added as a content layer, the video layer’s z-index can be changed.