Video/Audio changes for Safari/Chrome

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Apple has made some big policy changes for multimedia playback, and Chrome plans to follow in 2018.
The web is always changing, and the new video/audio policies for Webkit may require some adjustments for your Slider Revolution projects.

The Main Changes:

  • Audio can no longer play automatically
  • Video can play automatically, but only if it’s silent

What this means for your Sliders:

  • Video that is set to autoplay will play without sound
  • Audio set to autoplay without controls will not play


1. Use Background Video for visual presentations without sound

Use HTML5 Video for higher consistency across browsers/devices.

Use videos that don’t have any audio in the original video, or use the “mute” option for a consistent experience across browsers/devices.

2. Use Video Layers with autoplay set to "off" when sound is important.

Use HTML5 Video for higher consistency across browsers/devices.

Set the video’s “Autoplay” and “Hide Controls” options to “off”.

3. Enable controls for Audio Layers with autoplay disabled.

Set the audio’s “Autoplay”, “Hide Controls” and “Invisible on Frontent” options to “off”.

Has anything changed for mobile?

Autoplay was not possible on most mobile devices until last year, when the “playsinline” attribute was introduced:

And the new Safari/Chrome policy is exactly the same, where all of the best practices above apply to mobile devices as well.

Moving Forward:

Currently we are in the process of updating our templates and demos as quickly as possible.  We know these changes are inconvenient and want to help as much as possible, so our Support Center is also available to help with any adjustments you may need.

We’d also like to extend a warm thank you for being our valued customer.  Your feedback is valuable to us, and we’d love to hear from you via email at help at themepunch dot support.