Version 5.2 Introducing Add-Ons, SVG’s, Audio & more

1. Introducing Free Add-Ons

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Get ready for “Add-Ons” – a new awesome way to enhance your Slider Revolution plugin.  And the best part is they’re absolutely free!

Our three starting Add-Ons:
  • Whiteboard – Draw your text with a hand graphic to bring life to your presentations.
  • Backups – Creates automatic backups for your individual slides that you can easily restore.
  • WP Gallery – Automatically convert your traditional WordPress Media Galleries into a Revolution Slider.
  • more Add-Ons – coming regularly!
1.1 Install the Add-On
1.2 Activate the Add-On
1.3 Learn how to use the Add-On

2. 500+ SVG Graphics and Icons

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SVG’s are graphics and icons that never become pixelated regardless of their size, which is why they’re perfect for a responsive slider such as Slider Revolution.

2.1 Add an Object Layer
2.2 Choose your SVG Icon
2.2 Resize and Color your SVG

3. Audio Playback

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Add audio clips to your slides just like video.

3.1 Add an Audio Layer
3.2 Choose your audio file
3.3 Select your settings

4. Template Store Reboot

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Versioning and Updates for your Free Premium Templates

5. Dynamic Navigation Styles

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Create dynamic placeholders similar to SASS for your Navigation Styles which can then be edited globally and per slide.

5.1 Add a Dynamic Placeholder
5.2 Give the placeholder a name and default value.
5.3 Alter the default value for the entire slider
5.4 And then alter the defaults per slide

6. Timeline Animation Presets

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Create a slide quickly and smoothly with Auto-Time Layer Animations.

6.1 Select your Layers to Auto-Time
6.2 Select and adjust your preset
6.3 Result: Auto-timed Layer Animations

7. Undo/Redo Changes

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Undo and redo all Layer changes including styles, positioning and timeline animations.