How to update the plugin when it was packaged with your theme

The following information will discuss how you can update the plugin if it was included with a theme you purchased.
If you purchased the plugin individually from CodeCanyon, click here for auto-update instructions instead.

To update the plugin when it was included with your theme:

    Never uninstall/reinstall the plugin, as that would also delete your previously built sliders. Instead, as long as the following instructions are followed, any previously built sliders will be saved and still exist once the update process is complete.

1. Contact your theme’s author and ask them to send you a copy of the latest version of the plugin. This will be a "zip" file named "".

2. Find what version of the plugin you're currently using:

3. Click the tab below that corresponds to your current version:

Using you’re favorite FTP program, navigate to the following directory:


and then download a backup of the following folder:


Next, delete the folders/files located inside the following directory:


And then replace them with the folders/files located inside the “revslider” folder that can be found inside the zip file you downloaded from CodeCanyon.

The last step is to copy over the previous layers styles to the new version of the plugin. To do that, from the plugin’s main admin page, refresh the page, and then click “Edit Slides” for one of your sliders, and then “Edit Slide” for one of the listed slides (any slide will do).

Next, inside the “css” folder that you backed up before updating the plugin via ftp, open the following file in your favorite Notepad editor:


Then inside the “Edit Slide” page, scroll to the “Layer General Parameters” section, and click the “Edit Global Style” button:

Finally, copy the CSS styles from the previously backed up “captions.css” file into the “Static Styles” section, and then click the green “Save” button at the bottom right of the popup.

From the plugin’s main admin page, scroll to the very bottom of the page, and there you’ll see a purple colored button titled “Manual Plugin Update”.

Next, click the “Manual Plugin Update” button, and then you’ll see the following modal:

Next, click the “browse” button, and select the “” file from your computer:

Finally, click the “Update Slider” button:

From your favorite FTP program, delete the folders/files in the following directory:


Then replace them with the folders/files located inside the “revslider” folder that can be found inside the zip file you obtained from your theme’s author.