Why does ThemePunch support expire after 6 months?

Good question!

You know how when you sign up for Facebook or Gmail there’s a “user agreement” included?  Well we have one two with Envato/CodeCanyon!  And guess what it says… well, a whole bunch of stuff 😀  But one important thing is in order to sell products we have to follow the official support guidelines created and enforced by the marketplace.

So how do these official guidelines work?

It’s quite simple really.  You purchase a product from the marketplace.  Then you get 6 months of free support (usually more than enough time for most projects), and then if you need support after the initial 6 month period, it can be purchased for an additional fee.

But can’t ThemePunch just provide support anyway?

Well, no we can’t.  Because then we’d be breaking our user agreement with Envato, and that’s where we sell our products!

But I have a legitimate problem!

We feel you.  Which is why we’ve created an official article that covers all the possible options available in these situations.  Found a bug?  Report it and we’ll get fix it in the next update!  Have an issue with your purchase code?  Contact us via email at help at themepunch dot support and we can assist you with that too!  In short, we’re always doing everything we can to help customers as much as possible and also respect our user-agreement with the marketplace.

Does ThemePunch agree with the official Envato support policy?

Actually yes we do 🙂  It’s fair and reasonable.  Here’s some addition information.  We hope you agree.