Slider Revolution 6.4 NOW available!

What are my options?

Gain instant access to our dedicated Support Center where we have technicians working across the globe, ready to help.

Get an automatic 6 months of support and also the ability to activate Slider Revolution on an additional website!

3. Report a Bug

If you’ve discovered a bug, send us some details about the issue and how it can be reproduced from the
form on this page.  Every bug that’s reported is investigated, and if verified, gets fixed in the very next update.

4. Review our large library of online help resources




5. Common Questions:

What can I expect if I renew my support?

Outstanding service from out veteran support staff, as well as all the nuts and bolts outlined herehere and here.

If I renew my support can you solve my issue?

We will certainly try, and our success rate is extremely high for solving issues, but we can’t always answer this question ahead of time.

I am having an issue with my purchase code...

Check out the common issues and solutions related to purchases codes here, and then if you’re still having trouble, contact us from the form on this page.

I am having trouble updating the plugin automatically...

Usually when this happens the Requirements and Recommendations need to be reviewed.  But sometimes something more specific from your site needs to be investigated and addressed, which we’d have to do from our support center (requiring the support extension).

Updating the plugin has caused an issue with my Slider...

Clear all your cachestest your site for conflicts, and then if you’re still having trouble, contact us from the form on this page.

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