Sorting Options for Post-based Sliders

Learn about the default sorting options as well as some additional custom sorting possibilities.


1. Default Post Data

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Default Options:
  1. Post ID: Sort by the unique ID assigned to each post
  2. Date: Sort by the post’s Published date
  3. Title: Sort posts alphabetically by their titles
  4. Slug: Sort posts alphabetically by their assigned slugs
  5. Author: Sort posts alphabetically by Author Name
  6. Last Modified: Sort posts based on when they were most recently published and/or updated
  7. Number of Comments: Sort posts based on which contain the most amount of comments
  8. Random: Sort posts randomly each time the slider is viewed
  9. Unsorted: No order specified
  10. Custom Order: See to Section 2 below

2. Custom Menu Order

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The “Custom Order” option will sort the posts by their menu order.  Menu order for posts can be modified in a variety of ways, several of which are listed in this tutorial.

3. Custom Menu Data

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Modify the slider’s default WP_Query to sort posts by their Custom Meta values.  Modify the parameters for your custom post meta, and then add the code to your theme’s “functions.php” file.