Slider Won’t Move Past Certain Slide

The two main culprits for this are usually broken image urls or invalid layer HTML.



1. Broken Image URLs

Visit your web page where you’re using the slider in Chrome, and click F12. Then check to see if any “404” errors are listed for any given image url:



If you find a broken image url, to check if its from the slider, right-click the page, choose “View page source”, and search for the bad url in the page’s source:



The above screenshot shows the url is in fact part of the slider’s HTML markup, so we’ve found the reason why the slider isn’t working. Updating the image url(s) will solve this.

It’s possible you’ve moved the slider to a new domain. In these cases, view this article for information about how you can globally reset your image urls to your new domain.

Otherwise, visit your individual slides, and update the images manually. The rule of thumb is, if the image url can be accessed in the browser directly (i.e., pasting the image’s url into the browser’s address bar directly loads the image), it can also be loaded into the slider.

2. Invalid Layer HTML

Check to make sure the HTML from your slide layers is valid HTML. To verify your HTML, visit this website, click the “Direct Input” tab, and enter your slide layer’s HTML: