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If you Purchased & Registered a Slider Revolution License you can comfortably upgrade version 5.x to 6.0 from your WordPress Dashboard.

Why Activate Slider Revolution?

Activating Slider Revolution with your Personal Purchase Code will unlock all available Features.

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*Regular License from $29. One License Key required per Domain.

Slider Revolution 6.0 NOW available!

If you've updated to version 6.0 and are experiencing issues, the following tips can help.


A layer shows up, which was not existing in the older version

In version 5.0, if a Layer had its animation speed set to "0" it would not be shown (due to a bug). This has been corrected in 6.0, and if your Layer is now visible after updating but you don't want it to be it will need to be removed manually.

Elements have different Colors, Alignment on Desktop, but are correct on smaller Devices.

If on older version didn't have values set for the Desktop view, in version 6.0 these values will be set to the plugin defaults. In these cases, the settings can be reapplied.

After Slide Change Body Height is doubled

For Parallax 3D sliders, enable the Layer Overflow Hidden option in the Module's Scroll Settings to resolve this.

Toggled Buttons are another way around?

Check if the Inverse Toggled Content option is checked. In version 5.0 it was not a working option and therefore could cause an issue in version 6.0.

Unwanted horizontal Scrollbar appearing

Check to see if your Module is using 3D effects and if so, enable the "Slider Overflow Hidden" option in the Module's 3D Settings.

Developer Guide: Output Class & Tag Changes

What needs to be changed when transitioning to Slider Revolution 6 with custom modifications. See here for a complete FAQ.

"Transform" of undefined, Failure in Console
Images Missing from Slides

Important Note :

Please backup your entire Website before performing the steps below.

  1. Update to the Latest Version (6.0.2)
  2. Check which sliders are broken (click on preview and search the browser console for bugs, or check for bugs in the editor)
  3. Open browser console in the Overview page
  4. Use the function RVS.F.getBackupList(); to get the list of backup sliders from version 5.0
  1. Find the slider by alias and remember the id (i.e. “37”)
  2. Use the function RVS.F.reImportBackup("37"); in the console
  1. Remove the old slider if still exists. Do this only if two sliders with the same alias exist after backup import.
  2. Check if the imported slider works

Developer Updates

Find the up to date changelog here

Update: July 9, 2019

First of all, we would love to thank everyone for the highly positive response to this new major update!

After almost two years of development time, Slider Revolution 6 can be considered a new product, and it's incredible to finally see it in action "out in the wild".
We included a lot of your feedback to make the editor more structured and usable and added tons of advanced capabilities that are unheard of in web design tools up to this point: Keyframes, scroll-controlled timelines, advanced animations, and many more.

We absolutely wanted to release Slider Revolution 6 as a free update to our existing users, instead of releasing it as a paid separate product (which is common in the software industry).
This meant that in addition to just novelty, backward compatibility was of huge concern during the development and consumed a lot of development time.

The last 6 months consisted of extensive testing in various environments and with hundreds of "old" modules created in version 5.x.
That being said, there are always unknown user environments with themes, plugins, visual editors, customizations, etc. that produce results that are hard to prepare for in advance.

Our team is working hard day and night to find the cause of all issues, of which most can be fixed right away.
Others might need changes in the form of an update, which we are collecting into a hot-fix update to be released soon.
If you are currently experiencing issues with the version 6 update, we would kindly like to ask you to open a ticket at our support desk and provide all necessary information:

We are thankful for your continued support and understanding and hope that our toolkit adds the great value to your web projects, that we envision.

Kind Regards from your ThemePunch team

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