Slider Revolution 5.0 Preview – Admin Refresh

Slider Revolution 5.0 is coming soon!
If you've used Slider Revolution before, here's a quick preview of some of the awesome changes.

1. Sliders List

After with Slider Revolution 5.0

Enhanced user-experience with slider image previews.

2. Slider Settings

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Content Source Options - Before
Content Source Options - Slider Revolution 5.0

Pull content now from your WooCommerce products or your favorite social feed.

And select from two new slider type options in 5.0

Slider Layout/Size - Before
Slider Layout/Size - 5.0

Certainly one of the best new features in 5.0.  Custom layers grid sizes for multiple screens increases flexibility for your slider presentations.

Slider Settings - Before
Slider Settings - 5.0

New settings groups and sub-menus with live visual previews to help make choosing settings even easier.

Set global default values for new slides.

And evaluate slider performance with the new Performance Optimization panel.

And then save your slider’s settings as a “Settings Template” that can be automatically selected for your additional sliders.

After with Slider Revolution 5.0

With 5.0, slides are now managed directly from the top of the slide editor itself.

Save your slide as a “Slide Template” which can then be quickly chosen as a template for a new slide from the “Slides Template” panel.

After with Slider Revolution 5.0

New settings tabs with sub-menus for an enhanced user-experience.

After with Slider Revolution 5.0

New slider WYSIWYG for the ultimate layer editing experience.

With new device visibility options.

And new “Layer Actions” to only show a layer when another layer is clicked or hovered.

And new drag and drop controls for the timeline for enhanced animation design.

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