Slider not visible on Frontend – Output Filters Protection

If you’ve built a slider, added it to your page, but it doesn’t show up when you test the page, it’s possible your theme is running some custom filters that’s breaking the slider’s HTML output markup.

Here’s some additional information about this particular issue:


To try and combat the issue, from: Problem Handlings -> Troubleshooting -> Output Filters Protection:



Both “Echo by Output” and “By Compressing Output” often work. Sometimes “Echo By Output” will place the slider at the top of the page automatically, regardless of where the shortcode has been placed in your page’s content. In those cases, you can try “By Compressing Output” instead.

Although we try to combat custom theme filters with this troubleshooting option, it doesn’t always solve the issue 100% of the time. In these cases, you can try contacting your theme’s author to see if they have an updated version of the theme that doesn’t include custom filters for the page’s content.