Slide Change based on MouseWheel

This article is now outdated!

Use the “Mouse Scroll Navigation” located here instead with version 5.0+

If you’d like add mouse-wheel control to control the slider, you can use the following custom script.


Just keep in mind that the user will only be able to scroll the actual page when their mouse is not hovering over the slider, so whether this option will be good for your site will largely depend on your site’s setup:


  • FullScreen Slider with no other content on the page: Go for it!
  • FullScreen Slider with other page content “beneath the fold”: Not recommended



How to add the custom script to your slider

Slider Revolution 4.5 introduced a new “Custom JavaScript” section inside the slider’s main settings page, where the above script can be added. If you aren’t using version 4.5 or higher, click here for instructions about how to update the plugin.