Show/Hide Layer On Slide Hover



If you want to have a specific layer that only shows up when hovering your mouse over the slider, here’s how this can be accomplished:


Add a layer to the slide



Select the layer on the preview stage, and then inside the “Layer Animation” section, apply the settings highlighted in the following screenshot:



Next, open the “Layer Links & Advanced Params” section, and add a special class to the “Classes” section:



Next, from the “Layers Timing & Sorting” section, set the “Start” and “End” to the complete duration of the slide’s timeline:



Next, click the green “Update Slide” button, and then scroll to the bottom-left of the page, and click the “To Slider Settings” button:



Finally, scroll to the “CSS/JavaScript” section, and enter the following into the “Custom CSS” section:



CSS Code to Copy and Paste: