Recreate Lyndon Johnson Demo Grid

This article will cover how the Lyndon Johnson demo can be recreated.
This will include setting up the Custom Meta Data for the "Clients Icon", as well as choosing a custom background color for the grid item.

1. Create a grid, and select "Lyndon Johnson" as the grid's skin.

2. Setup Custom Meta Data for the Lyndon Johnson skin's icon graphic.

The Lyndon Johnson skin already contains an image element that uses the specific Custom Meta named “eg-clients-icon”.  When adding your new Custom Meta, make sure to use this as the “Handle”.

3. Edit one of the posts being pulled into the grid, and scroll to the "Essential Grid Custom Settings" section.

3.1 Click "Chose Image", and select an image for the icon.
3.2 Select the "Skin Modifications" tab, and create a new Custom Skin Rule.
3.3 Choose the settings shown in the screenshot below, along with your custom background color.

4. Finally, repeat steps from #3 above for your other grid posts.