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  • What Google decides to actually index in the SERPs is always specific to your site.
    The most important part of creating SEO friendly content is to make sure it's available to Google (which can be verified using the Google Webmaster tools as shown above). But what Google decides to actually index will depend on many other factors, such as how important Google thinks your site is, etc.

2. Speed

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2.1 On-demand Script Loading

Slider Revolution has some built-in optimization techniques that work under-the-hood automatically.  The way it works is the main scripts are broken up into several, individual scripts.  And then these scripts are only loaded if needed.

For example, if your slider uses the Ken Burns effect, the “ken burns” script is loaded.  But otherwise, if your slider isn’t using the Ken Burns option, the “ken burns” script wouldn’t be needed, and therefore it isn’t loaded.  And the same occurs for several other options/features, ensuring that only the bare-minimum scripts are ever loaded.  And less scripts = faster load times.

And in addition to dynamic, feature-based script loading, these scripts are also loaded synchronously.  This means they never begin loading until the rest of the page has finished loading, making it impossible for them to ever “render-block” other content.

2.2 Lightning Fast animations with GreenSock

There are lots of ways to animate content on a web page, but GreenSock does it best, and that’s why we use it.  Not only does it beat all other popular animating engines when measuring performance, it also utilizes the latest and greatest HTML5 and CSS3 technology.

2.3 Lazy Load technology for the ultimate page load optimization.

Lazy Loading images is a great way to speed up your sliders.  When used, the images won’t load when the page first loads, and instead will load based on one of the Lazy Load options you’ve chosen.

Choosing which LazyLoad option is best for your site depends on which is more important, performance (page load speed) or usability (the user’s experience).  For example, for the best performance, choosing “All” is best.  But for the best user-experience, “Smart” is usually the best choice.

Regularly update the plugin for maximum security

Updating Slider Revolution is super easy.  Here’s how it can be done for Direct Buyer’s:

and here’s how you can update Slider Revolution if the plugin was packaged with your theme:

Here at ThemePunch we’re regularly checking our plugins with the latest and greatest tools, including quarterly security check-ups with award-winning Dewhurst Security.

In addition to installing security plugins such as WordFence for security scans and firewalls, updating your WordPress environment is the single best way to protect your client’s website.  This includes updating WordPress itself as well as your theme and plugins.

Keep WordPress up to dateAdditional Information
Update all Plugins and Themes regularlyAdditional Information
Install a Firewall such as WordFenceAdditional Information
Backup your site regularlyAdditional Information