Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias not found.

This error message means that the slider you are referencing for (either in a shortcode or in a PHP function) does not exists and cannot be loaded.



Here’s an example of what this error looks like:




First, make sure that the Alias of the Slider has no Special chars or spaces.

i.e. My Slider 2 as the alias will not work, and you will see this Failure Message.   To make it work again, change the name to my-slider-2


Next, check your slider’s shortcode to make sure its alias matches one of your actual sliders. For example, in this shortcode:


In the above screenshot, the “alias” is “my-slider-2”. But if we view our sliders, there isn’t a slider with that particular alias:


But if we update the shortcode’s alias from “my-slider-2” (which doesn’t exist) to “my-slider-4” (which does), the error will go away and the slider will load correctly 🙂