Edit / Delete Layer Elements from Imported Templates

Some Layer elements included with the demo examples are added as Static Layers.
Here's how they can be edited or removed.

For this tutorial, we’ll work with the Photography Template, with the goal of removing the camera icon toward the very top-left of the page.

1. Select the "Static Layers" slide as shown below:

2. Next, select one of the normal slides to be shown as a back-drop for the Static Layers.

The camera icon we’re removing is colored white, and against a transparent bg (which the “Static Layers” slide will always have), it can be difficult to see on the preview canvas.

But selecting a regular slide to show as a back-drop solves this, as we can then see what the Static Layers would look like when shown against of any of the other normal slides.

3. Finally, select the Layer from the preview screen to edit or delete it.