Recreate Video Demos

The easiest way to use one of the online examples is to Import the Demo Grids. But this article will cover how you can replicate one of the video examples, without importing the demo.

For this example, we’ll use the recreate the “Taft” example shown here:

First, create a new Grid, and assign its skin as “Taft”:



Next, from the “Source” tab, select both “YouTube” and “Featured Image”, and drag then on top of one another with your mouse so “YouTube” is the first option, and “Featured Image” is the second:



Quick Note: This example uses YouTube as the main video source, but Vimeo or HTML5 Video can also be used. The important part is that the Video selection is first in the source order list, and the Featured Image is second (as shown in the above screenshot).


Next, visit one of the posts being used in your grid, and add a “Featured Image” to the post:



And finally, add a YouTube ID to the post’s “Essential Grid Custom Settings” section, in the “Alternative Sources” tab: