Purchase Code not Working

Reasons your Purchase Code may not be working

1. The plugin was packaged with your theme

Purchase Code Registration is only available for Direct Buyers.  Click here to learn more about what it means to be a “Direct Buyer”, and how you can become one if the plugin was packaged with your theme.

2. Purchase Code Registration section is missing.

If the plugin was originally packaged with your theme, your theme may be hiding this section by default.  This is usually done to avoid confusion, as Purchase Code Registration is normally not applicable when the plugin is packaged with a theme.

But if you’ve also purchased the plugin individually from CodeCanyon.net (likely for the Premium Benefits), but your Purchase Code Registration section is still missing, here’s how this can be resolved:


3. Purchase Code already registered!

This means the purchase code has been used on a previous domain.  A Purchase Code is only good for a single domain (also includes localhost setups).  But you can easily reset your purchase code.  Click here to learn how this can be done from within the plugin’s admin. And click here to manually deregister the code if you no longer have access to your older website.

4. Can't "dial out" to our ThemePunch servers

Review your Requirements & Recommendations section in the plugin’s main admin page to make sure your web server supports outbound connections.

5. Purchase Code is Incorrect

Double-check your registration credentials.  Click here for information about where you can retrieve all of your credentials.  Usernames are case-sensitive, and also paste your credentials in a text editor and then copy again from there to help exclude possible hidden white space.