Purchase Code not working when Submitting a Ticket

The following information will help if you're having trouble submitting a ticket in our Support Center

1. Check to make sure you're a Direct Customer

If you purchased the plugin from CodeCanyon directly, you are a Direct Customer!  Otherwise, if the plugin was packaged with your theme, here’s some information about the differences:



2. Check to make sure you're Support Certificate has not expired

Direct Customers automatically receive 6 months of free support.  Then after this an additional 6 months can be purchased from CodeCanyon:



3. Logout of the Ticket System to refresh your Envato Purchase History

If you’ve used the Ticket system before, it’s possible your old purchase history is cached and your updated purchase history will need to be refreshed.  To do this, logout of the system completely and then clear your browser’s cache and cookies.

Then afterward, enter your most recent Purchase Code manually, as shown in the following screenshot.