Purchase Activation Section is Missing

If you aren’t able to register your purchase code for Automatic Updates and Premium Support, it’s possible your current theme is hiding this section.

This article offers some tips for how you can gain access to this section.



Purchase Code Registration is not available when the plugin is included with a theme, so because of this, some themes use custom CSS to hide the section. The CSS would apply to ALL ThemePunch plugins, so even though you may have purchased one of our plugins separately, if another one of our plugins was packaged with your theme, the “Purchase Code Registration” section may be hidden for all installed ThemePunch plugins.


A workaround for this is to temporarily switch to another theme such as “TwentyFifteen”, and then you’ll be able to see and fill out the Purchase Code Registration form. Then after you’ve completed the form, switch back to your original theme. Once you switch back, you won’t see the “Purchase Code Registration” section anymore, but that’s ok, as you’ll still get automatic updates and premium support.


Another option is to override the theme’s setup using the following instructions:


Slider Revolution:



Essential Grid: