Prevent Layers from Disappearing

If your Layers are disappearing, chances are the Layers timeline just needs to be snapped to the end.
This also includes situations where video disappears but you can still hear the audio

When setting up your Layer’s timeline, there are two scenarios for how the Layer can disappear:

  1. Animate out before the slide’s “animation duration” ends.
  2. Animate out after the slide’s “animation duration” ends.

The “animation duration” is the slide’s “delay”.  This is either set per slide here, or if not set individually, the “delay” will be taken from the slider’s default value here.

The easiest way to see your slide’s “delay” is to view the Layers Timeline.  In the screenshot below, the slide’s “delay” (aka “End Time”) is 5 seconds.

In the example below, the two green dots match up with the 5 second line.  But the red dot does not.

In this scenario, if the slider only consisted of one single slide, the Text-based Layers would never disappear, but the Video Layer would always animate out at around the 4.5 second mark (regardless if the video happens to be currently playing or not).

To prevent your Layers from disappearing, "Snap" them to the end of the Layers Timeline.