[RESOLVED] Plugin Activation/Connection Issues with OVH Hosting

This article explains the problems users are facing, with the connection between the ThemePunch servers and the servers from OVH Hosting.

  • Important Note:
    Update : 10th April 2019, The connection issue between OVH and our server has been resolved. Contact us via our email help at themepunch dot support if you're still facing any issues with this.

A few months ago we noticed that some server connections are blocked from projects, which are hosted on OVH servers, where the communication is coming over from France to our servers in Germany. We don’t know if this is a routing issue within the OVH Server Network or a DNS Issue on OVH Hosting side.

This issue affects the activation process for our products. Also if your server is affected too, you won’t be able to download premium files and templates.

After several phone calls with the OVH Hosting Support, we are a little bit stuck on our end.

Best thing is, to raise a “connection issue” ticket directly as OVH customer within their ticket system, to get things resolved quickly.

Please contact your hosting provider for help and request an MTR trace to our subdomain URLs:

*.themepunch.tools (Server IP:
*.themepunch-ext-a.tools (Server IP:

Regarding the ongoing connection issues with OVH Hosting, we want to share the related forum posting within the OVH Hosting Support Forum.
Please feel free to reply there too if you are facing issues, to highlight the urgency of a solution to this weird issue.

Here you will find the forum post:

This thread is in French but can be translated into English within Google Chrome.

Also, we are getting lots of questions if we can recommend a proper hosting provider.

We would like to share this article here: https://www.themepunch.com/hosting/


Hope this helps.

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