Ooops… Wrong Purchase Code!

You may receive this message if...

1. Your purchase code is from your theme.

Many themes for sale include Slider Revolution as well.  But if you want to unlock the premium features available for Slider Revolution, you’ll need to become a Direct Customer first.

2. Your theme restricts purchase code registration.

Some themes include special code in an attempt to avoid confusion.  And often this code permanently “resets” the plugin’s purchase code registration.

Options for when your theme disables purchase code registration:

  1. Contact your theme’s author and ask if they can provide you with a version of the theme that does not constantly reset your purchase code registration.
  2. Temporarily switch to the TwentySixteen theme, which will allow you to register the purchase code normally, and then perform certain tasks such as updating the plugin or installing a premium template.
  3. Contact our support center where we can provide some advice as to where this special code can be found and possibly removed.
3. Your purchase code has been reused too many times.

The plugin’s purchase code registration section includes an option to “deregister” your code.   This is useful for cases when the plugin is no longer being used, and you’d like to use your license on another website.

But if the plugin is deregistered/registered too many times, the code gets flagged in our system, as a purchase code is technically only meant to be used for a single website.

Options for when your purchase code has been deregistered too many times:

  1. Purchase an additional license to obtain a second purchase code.
  2. Contact our support center, where our staff can manually reset your code one additional time.

Still having trouble?

Contact us at our Support Center and we’ll investigate your case!