New Additions and Changes to Essential Grid

1. Behance Source Stream

Showcase your creativity with Essential Grid

2. Item Skin Editor "Always Visible" Options

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Always show any given skin element regardless of its animation setting

3. Mobile Image Size Options

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Choose what image source size should be loaded for both desktop and mobile

4. Item Skin Post Meta Additions

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New post information options such as "Author Website", "Author Avatar" and more.

5. Lightbox Post Content

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Lost Post Content and its Featured Image in the default lightbox
Example Result:

6. Auto-hide the "All" Filter button

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Leave the "Filter All Text" button blank/empty to auto-hide this button
Result: Filter "All" button is now hidden by default

7. Display the item's main media and cover content side by side

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Regular Grid Item with Cover content:
Enable the Split Content" option inside the Item Skin Editor
Setup the content to Always Visible
Adjust the grids' media ratio and columns

8. Show the post's Alternative Image on mouse-hover

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Add an Alternative Image to each of the posts being pulled into your grid
Enable the "Show Alt Image on Hover" option inside the Item Skin Editor